Darren Avery, Stem.T4L Learning Leader, NSW Department of Education

Simon Belluzzo, Director of ICT, eLearning & STEM, Mordialloc College

Simon Belluzzo | Director of ICT, eLearning & STEM | Mordialloc College » speaking at EduTECH

Adam Brice, Education Leadership and Learning, Apple

Adam Brice | Education Leadership and Learning | Apple » speaking at EduTECH

Michelle Bunder, Education Leadership and Learning, Apple

Michelle Bunder | Education Leadership and Learning | Apple » speaking at EduTECH

Richard Culatta, Chief Executive Officer, International Society for Technology in Education ( person!)

Maarten De Laat, -, Intel Australia

Jack Growden, Founder & CEO, Litehaus

Jack Growden | Founder & CEO | Litehaus » speaking at EduTECH

Teacher Helper, Roxburgh Park Primary School

Teacher Helper |  | Roxburgh Park Primary School » speaking at EduTECH

Alex Laurence, Learning Designer, NSW Department of Education

Josh Levy, BDE, Apple Education

Josh Levy | BDE | Apple Education » speaking at EduTECH

Jeff Lloyd, Director Of Digital Learning, OneSchool Global - Australia

Aimee Maxwell, Psychologist, Thriving Principals

Aimee Maxwell | Psychologist | Thriving Principals » speaking at EduTECH

Michelle Michael, Director, Learning Design and Development Directorate, NSW Department of Education

Julie Parker, Education Leadership and Learning, Apple

Julie Parker | Education Leadership and Learning | Apple » speaking at EduTECH

Student Presenter, Roxburgh Park Primary School

Student Presenter |  | Roxburgh Park Primary School » speaking at EduTECH

Danny Schwarz, Chief Executive Officer, Playgroup Victoria

Danny Schwarz | Chief Executive Officer | Playgroup Victoria » speaking at EduTECH

Simon Shaw, Education Leaderhsip and Learning, Apple

Simon Shaw | Education Leaderhsip and Learning | Apple » speaking at EduTECH

Student Simon Belluzzo | 0418 593 006, Mordialloc College

Student Simon Belluzzo | 0418 593 006 |  | Mordialloc College » speaking at EduTECH

Glen Storey, Education Marketing, Apple

Glen Storey | Education Marketing | Apple » speaking at EduTECH

The Hon. Natalie Hutchins MP, Minister for Education and Minister for Women, Victorian State Government

David de Carvalho, CEO, ACARA

David de Carvalho | CEO | ACARA » speaking at EduTECH

Dr Jo Bird, Senior Lecturer - Early Childhood Education, University of New England

Dr Peter Ellerton, Curriculum Director, Critical Thinking Project, The University of Queensland

Jenny Luca, Head of ICT Innovation and Learning, Camberwell Grammar School

Jenny Luca | Head of ICT Innovation and Learning | Camberwell Grammar School » speaking at EduTECH

Prof Geoff Masters, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Council for Educational Research

Leigh Williams, CIO and Head of Information Technology Services, Brisbane Catholic Education

Sven Bluemmel, Information Commissioner, Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner

Meaghan Dwyer, Principal, John Wardle Architects

Prof Phillip Dawson, Associate Director, Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE), Deakin University

Prof Phillip Dawson | Associate Director, Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE) | Deakin University » speaking at EduTECH

Tam Nguyen, Director, Education Design and Digital Development, UNSW Business School

Tam Nguyen | Director, Education Design and Digital Development | UNSW Business School » speaking at EduTECH

Jackie Child, Junior School Technologies Coordinator, St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School

Richard Gerver, Author, "Education A Manifesto For Change" & "Creating Tomorrow's Schools Today"

Lucy Lu, Senior Manager, Analytics and Strategic Projects, Australian Educational Research Organisation (AERO)

Prof Tim Bell, Deputy Head of Department, Software Engineering, University of Canterbury (New Zealand)

Davina Rooney, Chief Executive Officer, Green Building Council of Australia

Dushyant Sattiraju, Manager, Cyber Security Operations, Deakin University

Claire Andrewartha, Co-Vice President, Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (Dltv)

Claire Andrewartha | Co-Vice President | Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (Dltv) » speaking at EduTECH

Nishan Mills, Technical Architect, La Trobe University

Dr James Curran, Chief Executive Officer & Director, Grok Academy

Annabel Astbury, Head of Digital Education, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Andy Griffiths, Author, Australia’s most popular children's author

Andy Griffiths | Author | Australia’s most popular children's author » speaking at EduTECH

Mark Pesce, Teacher, futurist and ..., Futurist & Judge on ABC's 'The New Inventors'

Mark Pesce | Teacher, futurist and ... | Futurist & Judge on ABC's 'The New Inventors' » speaking at EduTECH

Georgina Blix, Director, Blix Architecture

Ajay Radhakrishnan, Enterprise Architect, ICT Architecture, Governance & Innovation Leader), RMIT University

Ameena L. Payne, Doctoral Student, Doctor of Philosophy (Education), Deakin University

Mark Grant, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

Dr Pauline Jones, Associate Professor in Language Education, University of Wollongong & President of the Primary English Teaching Association Aust, University of Wollongong

Marcia Devlin, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership

Prof Stephen Heppell, Professor, World expert on contemporary learning, online education and learning spaces (UK)

Natasha Bita, Education Editor, The Australian

Natasha Bita | Education Editor | The Australian » speaking at EduTECH

Elizabeth Wilson, CIO, Information Management and Technology Services, Department of Education and Training Victoria

Thomas Blackwood, Head of ICT, Fahan School

Thomas Blackwood | Head of ICT | Fahan School » speaking at EduTECH

Matt Coffey, Facilitator, Department of Education and Training

Matt Coffey | Facilitator | Department of Education and Training » speaking at EduTECH

Joel Solomons, APAC Customer Engineer, Google

Joel Solomons | APAC Customer Engineer | Google » speaking at EduTECH

Carolyn Datson, Assistant Principal, Mount Waverley Heights PS

Carolyn Datson | Assistant Principal | Mount Waverley Heights PS » speaking at EduTECH

Timothy Paolini, ChromeOS Flex, Google

Timothy Paolini | ChromeOS Flex | Google » speaking at EduTECH

Sharon Reiss-Stone, Principal, Mount Waverley Heights PS

Sharon Reiss-Stone | Principal | Mount Waverley Heights PS » speaking at EduTECH

John Davison, Teacher Consultant, Science, Education Perfect

John Davison | Teacher Consultant, Science | Education Perfect » speaking at EduTECH

Kelli Dodman, Senior Project Officer, STEM Education,, The department of education

Kelli Dodman | Senior Project Officer, STEM Education, | The department of education » speaking at EduTECH

Claire Farrugia, Learning Outreach Manager, Department of Education and Training

Claire Farrugia | Learning Outreach Manager | Department of Education and Training » speaking at EduTECH

Emma Fisher, Assistant Principal, St Mary'S Catholic Primary School

Emma Fisher | Assistant Principal | St Mary'S Catholic Primary School » speaking at EduTECH

Raju Varanasi, Director, Data Intelligence & CIO, Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta

Sean Richards, Director, Schoolbox

Sean Richards | Director | Schoolbox » speaking at EduTECH

Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin, Kulin Nation

Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin |  | Kulin Nation » speaking at EduTECH

Chris Harte, Government and Academic Engagement Lead, Google

Chris Harte | Government and Academic Engagement Lead | Google » speaking at EduTECH

Craig Robertson, CEO, Victorian Skills Authority

Craig Robertson | CEO | Victorian Skills Authority » speaking at EduTECH

Janene Watt, DIgital Technologies Teacher (K-12), Wellington Secondary College

Martin McGauran, Educator & Presenter, Inform & Empower

Lyn Spiteri, Association Manager, Victorian Music Teachers’ Association

Lyn Spiteri | Association Manager | Victorian Music Teachers’ Association » speaking at EduTECH

Nicholas Robert Alderdice, Chief Executive Officer, Learning Vault

Janelle Barnes, HEA Committee member, Home Education Association

Joanne Blannin, Senior Lecturer/Master of Teaching Course Leader, Monash University

Fiona Boyd, Business Development Director & Co-founder, edsmart

Darren Boyle, Director, Digital and Experience, RMIT University

Ben Branford, Sales Representative, Trotec Laser

Amrita Burman, Deputy Director, Sunbeam group of educational institutions

Amrita Burman | Deputy Director | Sunbeam group of educational institutions » speaking at EduTECH

Merv Connell, Consultant - Technology Infrastructure & Business Alignment, Merv Connell Consultancy

Stephen Cooper, Technical Lead, AI-Driven Enterprise, Juniper Networks

Monique Poppelaars, Chairperson, Sundew Therapies

Monique Poppelaars | Chairperson | Sundew Therapies » speaking at EduTECH

Peter Davison, Regional Sales Manager, Cambium Networks

Peter Davison | Regional Sales Manager | Cambium Networks » speaking at EduTECH

Meg Durham, Wellbeing Educator, Speaker & Coach, Open Mind Education

Clare Dyson, Associate Professor, Digital Literacies, Swinburne University of Technology

Clare Dyson | Associate Professor, Digital Literacies | Swinburne University of Technology » speaking at EduTECH

Leon Furze, Director of Learning and Teaching, Monivae College

Sanjay Handa, B2B Products, BenQ Australia Pty Limited

Terry Harding, Manager, Australian Christian Home Schooling

Caroline Hartnett, Deputy Director, International Education & Study Melbourne, Global Victoria

Kelly Hollis, Australian Curriculum Specialist, Education Perfect

Jim Katsos, Manager Solutions Engineering, Okta

Jordy Kaufman, Assoc Prof, School of Health Sciences, Swinburne University of Technology

Jordy Kaufman | Assoc Prof, School of Health Sciences | Swinburne University of Technology » speaking at EduTECH

Warren Kennard, Director, Online, Melbourne Business School

Sam Kingsley, Head of STEM Education, The Brainary

Tere Latimer, Vice President, Home Education Association

John Mackenney, Principle Digital Strategist, Adobe

Cat Malcolm, Enterprise Design Practice Lead, Westpac

Andrew McLean, ANZ Managing Director, Intel Australia

Adam Mostogl, Founder / Inspirer, Illuminate Education Australia

Adam Mostogl | Founder / Inspirer | Illuminate Education Australia » speaking at EduTECH

Serryn O'Regan, Executive Manager Governance & General Counsel, Evolve College

Tony Pace, TSSP, Information & Technology Division, Alamanda College

Tony Pace | TSSP, Information & Technology Division | Alamanda College » speaking at EduTECH

Jen Padernal, Global Director of EdTech, CYPHER LEARNING

Shane Pearson, Speech Pathologist & Literacy Leader, Brandon Park Primary School

Shane Pearson | Speech Pathologist & Literacy Leader | Brandon Park Primary School » speaking at EduTECH

John Pendergast, Customer Success Lead, Vivi

Andy Penman, Sales Manager, Technology Core

Andy Penman | Sales Manager | Technology Core » speaking at EduTECH

Scott Reid, Director of Smart & Connected Networks, RIoT Solutions

Phil Rodrigues, Head of Security, APJ Commercial, AWS

Ronel Schodt, Education Manager, 3D Printing Systems

Ronel Schodt | Education Manager | 3D Printing Systems » speaking at EduTECH

Mona Sidhu, Cyber Awareness and Education Manager, NSW Department of Education

Paul Syle, Senior eLearning Specialist, Campion Education

Paul Syle | Senior eLearning Specialist | Campion Education » speaking at EduTECH

Jahin Tanvir, Founder & CEO, Breathe.

Jonathan Taylor, Managing Director, Accenture

Stuart Wakefield, Chief Digital Officer, Ministry of Education

Rob Widger, Global Education Director, Shape Robotics

Duncan Wigley, Senior Account Manager, ContentKeeper Technologies

Duncan Wigley | Senior Account Manager | ContentKeeper Technologies » speaking at EduTECH

Bec Woolnough, Education Solutions Specialist, SMART Technologies

Bec Woolnough | Education Solutions Specialist | SMART Technologies » speaking at EduTECH

Melanie Worrall, Training & Digital Transformation Lead, PEER

Melanie Worrall | Training & Digital Transformation Lead | PEER » speaking at EduTECH

Greg Yelas, Regional Sales Leader, juniper networks

Anne Girolami, Information Services Leader, Mercy College Coburg

Anne Girolami | Information Services Leader | Mercy College Coburg » speaking at EduTECH

Sujai Hajela, Executive Vice President, Juniper Networks

Prashil Singh, Executive Manager, Australian Training Products

June Wall, Professional Development Coordinator, NSW Dept of Education

Katie Wardrobe, Director, Midnight Music

Shane Worthington, Chief Digital Officer, Australian Skills Quality Authority

Claire Amos, Principal, Albany Senior High School

Roger Burgess, CIO Advisor, Zoom

Phil Carew, Head of Digital Technologies & eLearning, Toorak College

Jenny Dodd, Chief Executive Officer, TAFE Directors Australia

Ryan Elwell, Director, eSafety and Digital Learning Technologies, ACT Education Directorate

Claire Furlong, Digital Technologies Leader, Mount Waverley Heights Primary

Claire Furlong | Digital Technologies Leader | Mount Waverley Heights Primary » speaking at EduTECH

Alex Galland, Director of Learning and Innovation, Canberra Girls Grammar School

Samantha Garrett, Technology Trainer, Using Technology Better

Kimberley Hall, Education Manager, Google for Education

Summer Howarth, Founder, Eventful Learning Co.

Summer Howarth | Founder | Eventful Learning Co. » speaking at EduTECH

Daniel Jackson, Founder of TeachersPD, TeachersPD

Eleni Kyritsis, Deputy Head of Junior School, Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School

Beth Lamb, Digital Immersion Facilitator, Te Puawai Cluster

Beth Lamb | Digital Immersion Facilitator | Te Puawai Cluster » speaking at EduTECH

Kelly Moore, Deputy Principal, St Brendan's School

Kelly Moore | Deputy Principal | St Brendan's School » speaking at EduTECH

Sam Nikolsky, Operations Manager, Wyndham Tech School

Natalie Otten, President, ASLA, Australian School Library Association

Tom Pulver, Leader of Administration and Innovation, Kildare Catholic College Wagga Wagga

Jim Sill, Owner, Deploy Learning

Matt Starczak, Information Technology Manager, Emmaus Christian College

Dr Joseph Sweeney, Lead Advisor, IBRS

Wes Warner, Head of Innovation Entrepreneurship and Business, Pacific Lutheran College

Matt Woodley, Senior Professional Practice Officer, Victorian Institute of Teaching

Penny Addison, Director, Curriculum and Assessment Branch, Learning and Teaching Division, Department of Education and Training

Soula Bennett, Director, Quantum Victoria

Adrian Borg, STEM Educator, Ballarat Tech School

Leanne Caira, Project Lead, Knox Innovation Opportunity and Sustainability Centre

Neil Carmona-Vickery, Director, Monash Tech School

Dr Tony Chiovitti, Deputy Director, The Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC)

Maria Etheridge, STEM Specialist Primary Teacher, Lakes Entrance Primary School

Dan Farrant, Head of Programs, Gippsland Tech School

Claire Farrugia, Education and Outreach Manager, STEM Centre of Excellence - Science Gallery Melbourne

Brooke Kogelman, Project Manager, Lilydale District and Yarra Valley Education Plan, Department of Education

Lokuge Dona Kulari, Director, Knox Innovation Opportunity and Sustainability Centre

Gerard McCurry, Monash Tech School

Laurence Robinson, Monash Tech School

Ashley Van Krieken, Director, Yarra Ranges Tech School

Graeme Wiggins, Director, Bendigo Tech School

Trudy Bartlett, Secondary teacher (Marsden State High School) and Research Project Officer (Queensland University of Technology), Marsden State High School

Linda Blakis, Professional Practice Manager, Victorian Institute of Teaching

David Drumond, K-12 Strategic Leader - Learning and Growth, St John XXIII Catholic College, Stanhope Gardens

Kelly Gorham, Head of Inclusion, Baringa State Primary School

Trent Ray, Co-Founder - Director, Cyber Safety Project

Alahana Somerville, Music Teacher, Mentone Girls' Grammar School

Adrian Rayner, Virtual Reality Project Manager, VR Learning & Design Hub

David Worland, Chief Executive Officer, Early Learning Association Australia

Dr Julia Morris, Senior Lecturer, Edith Cowan University

Dr Julia Morris | Senior Lecturer | Edith Cowan University » speaking at EduTECH

Brett Salakas, Teacher-Speaker-Leader-Poet & HP Education Ambassador & Founder of #aussieED, HP

Brett Salakas | Teacher-Speaker-Leader-Poet & HP Education Ambassador & Founder of #aussieED | HP » speaking at EduTECH

Michele Pikunic, STEM Teacher, Worongary State School

Jaslyn Hughes, Adoption and Education Specialist, Open LMS

Rebecca Awdry, Academic Integrity Researcher, Deakin University

Rebecca Awdry | Academic Integrity Researcher | Deakin University » speaking at EduTECH

Albert Bielinko, Venture / Growth Investor, Telstra Ventures

Albert Bielinko | Venture / Growth Investor | Telstra Ventures » speaking at EduTECH

Dan Bowen, Technology Strategist, Microsoft Australia

Tony Brennan, Non-Executive Director, EduGrowth

Tony Brennan | Non-Executive Director | EduGrowth » speaking at EduTECH

Adam Brimo, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, OPENLEARNING GLOBAL (M) SDN BHD

Adam Brimo | Founder & Chief Executive Officer | OPENLEARNING GLOBAL (M) SDN BHD » speaking at EduTECH

Sally Browner, Australian Country Manager, Prodigy Learning

Sally Browner | Australian Country Manager | Prodigy Learning » speaking at EduTECH

Karen Chegwidden, President, Home Education Association

Taylor Coulter, Investment Manager, Greenwich Capital Partners

Taylor Coulter | Investment Manager | Greenwich Capital Partners » speaking at EduTECH

Matt Deeble, Executive Director, Strategic Business Operations, Social Ventures Australia

Matt Deeble | Executive Director, Strategic Business Operations | Social Ventures Australia » speaking at EduTECH

Allen Dickson, Enrichment Program, Robotics and Curriculum, Belgrave Heights Christian School

Ryan Evans, Digital Technology Specialist - Teacher, Rangeview Primary School

Laura Hartley, Manager, Group Security Advisory & Awareness, NAB

Carol Hill, Global Learning Director, LEGO Education

Dr Fabian Horton, Legal Operations - Cyber / IT Lawyer, Lextechia

Susanna Ianni, Executive Leader Organisational Development | Strategy | Transformation, Consultant

Mark Lamont, Chair, EduGrowth

Mark Lamont | Chair | EduGrowth » speaking at EduTECH

David Linke, Managing Director, EduGrowth

David Linke | Managing Director | EduGrowth » speaking at EduTECH

Rebecca McGlashan, Chief Consultant, PeopleBench

Sunal Varma, School Partnership Manager, educator impact

Sunal Varma | School Partnership Manager | educator impact » speaking at EduTECH

Megan Townes, Technology Strategist, Microsoft Australia

Cleo Westhorpe, Founder and Director, The Inclusive school

Cleo Westhorpe | Founder and Director | The Inclusive school » speaking at EduTECH

Sharon Winbanks, Senior Business Development Manager, VIC & TAS, Lark Industries

Emil Zankov, Leader of Innovation and Enterprise, Pedare Christian College

Dr Walter Barbieri, Lecturer of Education; eLearning Program, The University of Adelaide

Prof Suzanne Cory, Research Professor in the Molecular Genetics of Cancer Division, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Justin Pembroke, STEM & Digital Pedagogies Coach, Baringa State Primary School

Andrew Smith, CEO, Education Services Australia

Jane Abrams, Head of Education (Product), Grok Academy

Anthony Brown, Director of Solution Consulting, Nice

Suzanne Carrington, Research Professor, Centre for Inclusive Education QUT & School Years Director, Autism CRC, QUT Kelvin Grove

Paula Christophersen, Lead Educator, Grok Academy

Mark Comas, Digital Technologies Learning Area Leader, St Bede's College

Jason Generally, International Curriculum Consultant, Learning A-Z

Sally Gridley, Science Learning Area Leader (LAL) Cross-Campus, St Bede's College

Sujatha Gunja, Lead Educator, Grok Academy

Dr Keely Harper-Hill, Research Associate, Autism CRC, Queensland State Government

Cathie Ireland, Head of Junior Secondary School, Methodist Ladies' College

Bryn Jeffries, Tertiary Product Manager, Grok Academy

Dr Tien Kieu MP, STEM Education Ambassador, Victorian State Government

Josh Lyon, Head of Business Systems and ICT, Donvale Christian College

Penny Player, Educator, Grok Academy

Rob Poulter, Senior Educator, Grok Academy

Joanna Shaw, Deputy Director, Student Advising, Student Experience, La Trobe University

Mark Sparvell, Director, Microsoft Education, Microsoft Corporation

Denny Wan, Principal Consultant, Security Express

Denny Wan | Principal Consultant | Security Express » speaking at EduTECH

Prof Deborah Terry, Vice Chancellor, The University of Queensland

Hassan Baickdeli, Head of Emerging Technology & Solutions, Lenovo

Daniel Binns, Screenwriter, Producer, Educator, and Theorist of media and screen cultures, RMIT

Professor John Fischetti, Pro Vice-Chancellor, College of Human and Social Futures at the University of Newcastle, University of Newcastle

Prof Pascale Quester, Vice-Chancellor and President, Swinburne University of Technology

Prof Pascale Quester | Vice-Chancellor and President | Swinburne University of Technology » speaking at EduTECH

Dr Stefan Schutt, Senior Lecturer, Learning Design (ICT/Digital), La Trobe University

Dr Stefan Schutt | Senior Lecturer, Learning Design (ICT/Digital) | La Trobe University » speaking at EduTECH

Aaron Webb, Senior Product Marketing Manager - Education, Jamf

Dr Rachel Wilson, Program Manager, Bachelor of Communication (Media), RMIT

Francesco Garbellini, Senior Education Account Executive, Jamf

John Mcildowie, Director, McIldowie Partners Architects

Adam Dymond, Head of Sales, Superloop Cyberhound

Adam Dymond | Head of Sales | Superloop Cyberhound » speaking at EduTECH

Mark Verbloot, Director, Product, Solutions and Systems Engineering, Asia Pacific, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

Aaron Zanbaka, Education System Engineer, Jamf

Mark Lampard, Managing Director, Corsair Solutions

Mark Lampard | Managing Director | Corsair Solutions » speaking at EduTECH

Tim Waley, Executive Consultant, TES

Fiona Fitzgerald, Head of eLearning, Geelong Grammar School

David Howard, Head of Digital Learning and Practice, Wesley College

James Leckie, Director, Schoolbox

James Leckie | Director | Schoolbox » speaking at EduTECH

Dr Scott Sleap, STEM Project Advisor 7 - 12 | Curriculum and Reform Directorate, NSW Department of Education

Dr Scott Sleap | STEM Project Advisor 7 - 12 | Curriculum and Reform Directorate | NSW Department of Education » speaking at EduTECH

Ryan Stapleton, Product Specialist, Clevertouch

Marg Tope, Principal, Victorian College for the Deaf

Marg Tope | Principal | Victorian College for the Deaf » speaking at EduTECH

Dr Zachari Swiecki, Lecturer, Department of Data Science & AI, Monash Data Futures Institute, Monash University

Dr Zachari Swiecki | Lecturer, Department of Data Science & AI | Monash Data Futures Institute, Monash University » speaking at EduTECH

Maree Timms, Science & Maths Teacher, Galen Catholic College

Sharon Davis, Director of Education and Ethics, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS)

Sharon Davis | Director of Education and Ethics | Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) » speaking at EduTECH

Prof Michael Dezuanni, Chief Investigator, Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child, QUT

Prof Dragan Gašević, Director, Centre for Learning Analytics, Monash University

Dr Andrew Kyngdon, Chief Psychometrician, NSW Education Standards Authority

Prof Sandra Milligan, Director, Assessment Research Centre, University of Melbourne

Martin Bean, Founder & Chief Executive Officer (Former Vice-Chancellor & President of RMIT University), The Bean Centre

Sumayya Zubair, Associate Director, Academic & Data Product Management, CIO Portfolio, Monash University

Brett Gilbertson, Productivity Coach, ASI Solutions

Lorena Goodall, Head of Department IT P-12, Bentley Park College

Henry Grossek, Principal, Berwick Lodge Primary School

Deborah Grossek, Principal, Glendal Primary School

Matt Heinrich, Director of Learning Technologies and ICT, St Michael's Grammar School

Lauren James, Questacon Cyber Manager, Questacon

Connie Li, Microsoft Specialist, ASI Solutions

Craig Nicholls, Director of Digital Learning, Melbourne Girls Grammar

Vanessa Trower, Director, Principal Learning & OD Consultant, Nexperk

Thomas Oliphant, Head of Technology and Enterprise, St John's Grammar School

Prof Andrew Parfitt, Vice-Chancellor and President, University of Technology Sydney

Rachael Whitney-Smith, Curriculum Specialist, Mathematics, ACARA

Nathan Richards, Senior ICT Engagement Officer, Brisbane Catholic Education

Christina Luzi, Head of School: Pathways (9-12), St John XXIII Catholic College, Stanhope Gardens

Prof Adam Shoemaker, Vice-Chancellor and President, Victoria University

Dr Katina Zammit, Deputy Dean School of Education & President, Australian Literacy Educators’ Association (ALEA), University of Western Sydney

Jesse Watts, Exam Delivery Manager, Monash University

Shelley Pendlebury, Instructional Leader Mathematics, Nazareth College

Shelley Pendlebury | Instructional Leader Mathematics | Nazareth College » speaking at EduTECH

Brett Webber, Digital Technologies and VET Teacher, Galen Catholic College

Vicki Jamieson, Partner, People Advisory Service, EY Australia

Vicki Jamieson | Partner, People Advisory Service | EY Australia » speaking at EduTECH

Chris Bradman, General Manager APAC, Instructure

Chris Bradman | General Manager APAC | Instructure » speaking at EduTECH

Nerissa Jones, Digital Learning Manager, Education and Outreach, CSIRO

Prof Jamie Evans, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education), The University of Melbourne

Prof Jamie Evans | Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) | The University of Melbourne » speaking at EduTECH

Helena Tully, Teacher, Technologies Ambassador & Coach,, Mundingburra State School

Arun Sadanandan, Digital Infrastructure Team Leader, St Francis Xavier College

Arun Sadanandan | Digital Infrastructure Team Leader | St Francis Xavier College » speaking at EduTECH

Sally Webster, Head of K12 Schools Industry ANZO, Amazon Web Services

Karen Yager, Principal, Hills Grammar School

Paul Daniell, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, NSW Education Standards Authority

Emma Weber, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Lever - Transfer of Learning

Emma Weber | Chief Executive Officer & Founder | Lever - Transfer of Learning » speaking at EduTECH

Prof Richard Buckland, Director Of First Year Experience, University of New South Wales

Dr Anita Collins, Neuromusical Educator, Bigger Better Brains

Toby Jones, Head of Education, Learning Vault

Will Cairns, Learning Coach/Team Leader: TAS, St John XXIII Catholic College, Stanhope Gardens

Stephanie Kriewaldt, Principal, Lobethal Lutheran School

Stephanie Kriewaldt | Principal | Lobethal Lutheran School » speaking at EduTECH

Matt Richards, Digital Technologies Teacher, St Joseph's School Kingswood

Sandie Matthews, Chief Information & Data Officer, NSW Government Education

Sandie Matthews | Chief Information & Data Officer | NSW Government Education » speaking at EduTECH

Greg Hodgson, Head of Design (Enterprise), Atlassian

Greg Hodgson | Head of Design (Enterprise) | Atlassian » speaking at EduTECH

Dr Simon Lindsay, General Manager Improved Learning Outcome, Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools

Dr Simon Lindsay | General Manager Improved Learning Outcome | Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools » speaking at EduTECH

Leanne Woodley, Education Consultant, Manager - Student Services, Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AISNSW)

Leanne Woodley | Education Consultant, Manager - Student Services | Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AISNSW) » speaking at EduTECH

Daniel Teitelbaum, Production Manager, Games for Change Asia-Pacific

Ishan Kolhatkar, General Manager Inspera UK, Australia and New Zealand, Inspera Assessment

Carol Hanna, Operations and Compliance Manager, Alphington Grammar School

Adam Dalton, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Robotify Labs

Bill Lee, Managing Director, Azendian Solutions

Kristen Tripet, Program Manager, reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry, Australian Academy Of Science

Dr Karl Sebire, Director of Research & Technology, Mentone Girls' Grammar

Sue Boye, RTO Manager, IRT Academy

Matt Baker, SVP of International/Strategy, Class Technologies Inc

Tiffany Roos, Director: The Evidence Institute, Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AISNSW)

Sean Kim, Solutions Program Manager, Axis Communications

Sean Kim | Solutions Program Manager | Axis Communications » speaking at EduTECH

Catherine McClellan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Assessment), Australian Council for Educational Research

Tim Kitchen, Senior Education Specialist, Adobe

Prof. Catherine Attard, Professor, Mathematics Education & Deputy Director, Centre for Educational Research, Western Sydney University

Mike Hennessy, Chief Research & Insights Officer, PeopleBench

Dr Linda McIver, Executive Director, Australian Data Science Education Institute

Dr Linda McIver | Executive Director | Australian Data Science Education Institute » speaking at EduTECH

Aaron Batterham, Head of Education Futures, St Philips Christian Education College Waratah

Dr Christine Mathies, Academic Director Undergraduate Programs and Associate Professor in Marketing, UNSW Business School

David Harris, Systems Engineer Manager, CommScope

Dayle Stevens, OAM, Cloud, Data and Shared Technology Executive, Telstra

Dayle Stevens, OAM | Cloud, Data and Shared Technology Executive | Telstra » speaking at EduTECH

Prof Gary McPherson, Ormond Professor of Music, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, The University of Melbourne

Lisel Thomas, Principal Planner, Victorian Department of Education & Training

Kim Vernon, Curriculum Specialist, Technologies, Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)

David Fenner, ANZ Sales Manager, CommScope RUCKUS Australia & New Zealand, CommScope

Bridget Forster, Head of Kerferd Library, Mentone Girls' Grammar School

Warren McLeod, Senior Manager - Independent Schools, Compass Education

Jocelyn Brewer, Teacher and Psychologist, Creator of Digital Nutrition, Cyberpsychology Researcher

Andrew Brown, Instructional Engineer, TecNQ

Assoc. Prof Alice Motion, Deputy Director of Sydney Nano (External Engagement and Academic Development), University of Sydney

Barbara Champion, Executive Director, Play Australia

Dr Ben Cleveland, Associate Professor in Learning Environments, University of Melbourne

Dr Ben Cleveland | Associate Professor in Learning Environments | University of Melbourne » speaking at EduTECH

Vincent Trundle, Senior Producer, School Programs, The Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Vincent Trundle | Senior Producer, School Programs | The Australian Centre for the Moving Image » speaking at EduTECH

Dr Yenni Tim, Senior Lecturer & Founding Director, UNSW Sandbox Program, UNSW Business School

Dr Mathieu O'Neil, A/Prof of Communication, University of Canberra

Dr Selena Fisk, School data coach and consultant, Selena Fisk

Mark Butlin, Lecturer, Author and Consultant in Education Law, University of Southern Queensland

Michelle Gillespie, Registrar and Director Student Administration and Library Services, Swinburne University of Technology

Dan Martinez, Chief Executive Officer, The FUSE Cup - International Esports

Drew Mitchell, Head of Department - Support Services and Positive Behavior for Learning Coach, Marsden State High School

Mary Jeavons, Founding Director, Jeavons Landscape Architects

Allan Dougan, Chief Executive Officer, The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers

Zoë Barry, Co-Director, Harmony In Strings, Sacred Heart Primary, Fitzroy

MJ Raatz, Head of Department – Digital Technologies and Business, Forest Lake State High School

Catherine Newington, ICT Educators' Specialist, Australian Computer Society

Catherine Newington | ICT Educators' Specialist | Australian Computer Society » speaking at EduTECH

Steven Kolber, Learning Specialist: Pedagogy & Literacy Improvement Teacher, Brunswick Secondary College

Zeina Chalich, Principal Consultant, Learning Creatives

Zeina Chalich | Principal Consultant | Learning Creatives » speaking at EduTECH

Bruce Fuda, Head of Education (Curriculum), Grok Academy

Diana Rosenthal, Senior Associate, Architectus

Jonathon Mascorella, Director of Innovation, Loreto Kirribilli

William Horwood, Head of Library and Digital Literacy, Penrhos College

Elliet Spring, Director, MGS Architects

Nigel Phair, Director - Institute of Cyber Security, UNSW

Nigel Phair | Director - Institute of Cyber Security | UNSW » speaking at EduTECH

Dr Bron Stuckey, Director, Innovative Educational Ideas

Dallas McInerney, Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Schools NSW

Dallas McInerney | Chief Executive Officer | Catholic Schools NSW » speaking at EduTECH

Nathan Alison, Professional Learning Coordinator, Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (Dltv)

Nathan Alison | Professional Learning Coordinator | Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (Dltv) » speaking at EduTECH

Brenton Harty, Director of ICT, PLC Melbourne

Diksha Vijapur, Senior Sustainability Consultant & (Ph.D. Candidate @ University of Melbourne), Steensen Varming

Martin Richards, Content Manager, Education Services Australia

Michelle Neil, Social Media Moderator & Curator, Australian Citizen Science Association

Michelle Neil | Social Media Moderator & Curator | Australian Citizen Science Association » speaking at EduTECH

Josh Aghion, Innovation Coordinator K-6, Emanuel School

Jason Puttnins, Science Learning Area Leader, Gleeson College

Melissa O'Loughlin, Science & STEM Coordinator, Gleeson College

Kim Flintoff, TIDES Coordinator, Peter Carnley ACS

Mary-Lou O'Brien, Director of Digital Innovation, Redlands

Mary-Lou O'Brien | Director of Digital Innovation | Redlands » speaking at EduTECH

Patrick Winter, Head of Technology and Innovation, Xavier College

David Nichols, ICT Operations Manager., Central Coast Grammar School

Dr Susan O'Donnell, VR Learning & Design Hub, Curriculum Designer, Bentley Park College

Robin Petterd, Learning & Performance Consultant, Sprout Labs

Robin Petterd | Learning & Performance Consultant | Sprout Labs » speaking at EduTECH

Genelle Lentini, Learning Specialist, Viewbank College

Genelle Lentini | Learning Specialist | Viewbank College » speaking at EduTECH

Danny Summerell, Head of E-Learning and Resources Innovation, Bialik College

Cartwright Ramsey, Head of English, Bayside Christian College

Wendy Bode, Deputy Principal: Global Tropics Future Project, Thuringowa State High School

Wendy Bode | Deputy Principal: Global Tropics Future Project | Thuringowa State High School » speaking at EduTECH

David Simpson, Director of Learning Enhancement & Support, Melbourne Girls Grammar

Reid Smith, Head of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction, Ballarat Clarendon College

Shannon Armitage, Dean of Academic Achievement and Innovation, Penrhos College

Jack Richardson, Communications Officer, Mac.Robertson Girls' High School

Jack Richardson | Communications Officer | Mac.Robertson Girls' High School » speaking at EduTECH

Jessica Brennan, Head Teacher Teaching & Learning and Teacher Librarian, Armidale Secondary College

Joel Speranza, Head of Mathematics, St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School

Joel Speranza | Head of Mathematics | St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School » speaking at EduTECH

Phillip Sakellaridis, College Director of Digital Learning, St. Francis Xavier College

Lance Gierhart, Director of Innovative Technologies, Wyong Christian Community School

Lance Gierhart | Director of Innovative Technologies | Wyong Christian Community School » speaking at EduTECH

Anna Kinnane, Lead Educator, Grok Academy

Eytan Messiah, Head of Visual Arts K-12, Coordinator of HS Innovation, Emanuel School

Brendan Growden, Registered Training Organisation Manager and Head of Department for Information, Communication, and Technology, Marsden State High School

Joanne Tarasuik, Research Manager, Playgroup Victoria

Dale Linegar, Director, Games for Change Asia-Pacific

Dale Linegar | Director | Games for Change Asia-Pacific » speaking at EduTECH

Steph Campbell, Teacher 1 & 2, Sustainability Leader, St Columba's Primary School Elwood

Leigh Johnson, Principal, Harkaway Primary School

Leigh Johnson | Principal | Harkaway Primary School » speaking at EduTECH

Dr Kiki Tanousis, Chief Executive Officer, Xuno School Management Systems

Alan Dodson, Director, System and School Performance, Department of Education Western Australia

Tracey Taylor, Director of Education Policy, Independent Schools Australia

Grant Jones, Instructional Leader, School of Education, Western Sydney University

Bianca Jervis, Life Skills Coordinator, Danebank Anglican School for Girls

Janine Sprakel, National Partnerships and Engagement Manager, Australian Maths Trust (AMT)

Janine Sprakel | National Partnerships and Engagement Manager | Australian Maths Trust (AMT) » speaking at EduTECH

Dr Wesley Imms, Co-Director, Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEaRN), University of Melbourne - Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Dr Wesley Imms | Co-Director, Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEaRN) | University of Melbourne - Melbourne Graduate School of Education » speaking at EduTECH

Assoc Prof Daniel Harris, Vice Chancellor's Principal Research Fellow & Author of "Creativity and Education", RMIT University

John Savopoulos, Campus Administrator, Alphington Grammar

Holly Godfree, Teacher Librarian & Coodinator, National Students Need School Libraries Campaign

David Feillafe, Manager - ICT/AV Infrastructure, Quantum Victoria

David Feillafe | Manager -  ICT/AV Infrastructure | Quantum Victoria » speaking at EduTECH

Mahaelia Thavarajah, Classroom Teacher, Quantum Victoria

Stephen McDonald, Chief Development Officer, Earthwatch Australia

Ana Hol, A. Dean Learning and Teaching, Western Sydney University

Adam Swinburn, Architect, Johnson Pilton Walker

Dorothy Burt, Education Programme Lead, Manaiakalani

Chris Betcher, Adoption Program Manager, Google for Education

Sandy Heldsinger, Founder & Managing Director, Bright Path

Sandy Heldsinger | Founder & Managing Director | Bright Path » speaking at EduTECH

Domenic Saporito, Co-Founder & Director, InternMatch

Domenic Saporito | Co-Founder & Director | InternMatch » speaking at EduTECH

Amanda Clarke, Director, International, GL Education

Amanda Clarke | Director, International | GL Education » speaking at EduTECH

Billye Atout, Sales Director ANZ, Class Technologies

Billye Atout | Sales Director ANZ | Class Technologies » speaking at EduTECH

Jayne Kelly, COO, Capture the Action

Jayne Kelly | COO | Capture the Action » speaking at EduTECH

Luci Pangrazio, Postdoctoral Research Fellow & Senior Lecturer in Language & Literacy, Deakin University

Luci Pangrazio | Postdoctoral Research Fellow & Senior Lecturer in Language & Literacy | Deakin University » speaking at EduTECH

Daniele Tanner, Co-founder and Director, Social Media College

Daniele Tanner | Co-founder and Director | Social Media College » speaking at EduTECH

Chris Campbell, Sub Dean (Learning Technology) and Science & Health Faculty Business Partner, Charles Sturt University

Chris Campbell | Sub Dean (Learning Technology) and Science & Health Faculty Business Partner | Charles Sturt University » speaking at EduTECH

Ralph Saubern, Deputy CEO (Professional Resources), Australian Council for Educational Research

Ralph Saubern | Deputy CEO (Professional Resources) | Australian Council for Educational Research » speaking at EduTECH

Fiona Hindmarsh, CEO, Significant

Fiona Hindmarsh | CEO | Significant » speaking at EduTECH

Aimie Sibson, Chief Executive Officer, Hero

Aimie Sibson | Chief Executive Officer | Hero » speaking at EduTECH

Wanita Zoghby-Fourie, Learning Consultant, Nexperk

Kym Hunter, Director, Champion Life

Kym Hunter | Director | Champion Life » speaking at EduTECH

Angela Alcock, Flohh

Angela Alcock |  | Flohh » speaking at EduTECH

Nilesh Patel, Founder & CEO, LeadSquared Inc.

Nilesh Patel | Founder & CEO | LeadSquared Inc. » speaking at EduTECH

Michele Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Robokids

Michele Miller | Chief Executive Officer | Robokids » speaking at EduTECH

Jess Rowlings, Researcher & Speech and Language Pathologist, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Arthur Baker, Managing Director, Oxford University Press/Copyright Agency

Arthur Baker | Managing Director | Oxford University Press/Copyright Agency » speaking at EduTECH

Kendall Flutey, Founder and CEO, Banqer

Kendall Flutey | Founder and CEO | Banqer » speaking at EduTECH

Peter Carpenter, Managing Director, Wonde

Peter Carpenter | Managing Director | Wonde » speaking at EduTECH

Cherida Longley, Manger Education Program, Rail Projects Victoria

Tom Richardson, CEO, Literacy Planet

Tom Richardson | CEO | Literacy Planet » speaking at EduTECH

Tara Walsh, Global Education Lead, ClickView

Tara Walsh | Global Education Lead | ClickView » speaking at EduTECH

Cameron Duck, Senior Engineering Lead, Monash University

Cameron Duck | Senior Engineering Lead | Monash University » speaking at EduTECH

Kevin Rodrigo, Head of Innovation, Customer Engineering, Google

Kevin Rodrigo | Head of Innovation, Customer Engineering | Google » speaking at EduTECH

Marina Borrello, Director Teaching & Learning, TAFE SA

Marina Borrello | Director Teaching & Learning | TAFE SA » speaking at EduTECH

Sarah Chamberlain, Founder, ReadyTeacher

Sarah Chamberlain | Founder | ReadyTeacher » speaking at EduTECH

Dr Matthew Harrison, Senior Lecturer, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Steven Payne, Learning Delivery Specialist, Microsoft

Steven Payne | Learning Delivery Specialist | Microsoft » speaking at EduTECH

Prof Matthew Warren, Director, Centre of Cyber Security Research and Innovation, RMIT University

Prof Matthew Warren | Director, Centre of Cyber Security Research and Innovation | RMIT University » speaking at EduTECH

Allan Sheffield, Team Leader - Portfolio and Digital Support, Brisbane Catholic Education

Allan Sheffield | Team Leader - Portfolio and Digital Support | Brisbane Catholic Education » speaking at EduTECH

Kevin Reilly, Partner - Digital, PwC Australia

Kevin Reilly | Partner - Digital | PwC Australia » speaking at EduTECH

Rachel Robertson, Assistant Principal, Melbourne Girls' College

Rachel Robertson | Assistant Principal | Melbourne Girls' College » speaking at EduTECH

Richard Johnson, Education Technical Lead, Google

Richard Johnson | Education Technical Lead | Google » speaking at EduTECH

Bernadette Sheedy, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Google for Education Certified Trainer, Mount Scopus Memorial College

Michael Fanning, Assistant Director, Standards and Guidelines, Australian Cyber Security Centre

Michael Fanning | Assistant Director, Standards and Guidelines | Australian Cyber Security Centre » speaking at EduTECH

Andrew Balzer, Learning Delivery Specialist, Microsoft

Andrew Balzer | Learning Delivery Specialist | Microsoft » speaking at EduTECH

Pete Goss, Director, PwC Australia

Pete Goss | Director | PwC Australia » speaking at EduTECH

Reyad Sidawi, Surface Evangelist, Microsoft Australia

Reyad Sidawi | Surface Evangelist | Microsoft Australia » speaking at EduTECH

Ms Beth Barrass, Librarian, Melbourne Girls' College

Ms Beth Barrass | Librarian | Melbourne Girls' College » speaking at EduTECH

Kanika Chauhan, Security Specialist, Microsoft

Kanika Chauhan | Security Specialist | Microsoft » speaking at EduTECH

Stephen Crapnell, Head of Digital Pedagogy, All Hallows' School

Stephen Crapnell | Head of Digital Pedagogy | All Hallows' School » speaking at EduTECH

Richard Heaton, Technology Strategist, Microsoft Australia

Richard Heaton | Technology Strategist | Microsoft Australia » speaking at EduTECH

Karlee Scott Murphy, Viva Specialist, Microsoft Australia

Karlee Scott Murphy | Viva Specialist | Microsoft Australia » speaking at EduTECH

Cameron MacKertich, National Sales Manager, Canohm

Muskan Nanchahal, Azure Specialist, Microsoft Australia

Muskan Nanchahal | Azure Specialist | Microsoft Australia » speaking at EduTECH

Peter Stock, Partner, PwC Australia

Peter Stock | Partner | PwC Australia » speaking at EduTECH

Doris Loncar, Presales Manager Business Applications, Microsoft Australia

Doris Loncar | Presales Manager Business Applications | Microsoft Australia » speaking at EduTECH

Arthur Mendoza, IT Network Manager, Melbourne Girls' College

Arthur Mendoza | IT Network Manager | Melbourne Girls' College » speaking at EduTECH

Camilla McCloud, elearning classroom teacher, MacGregor State School

Camilla McCloud | elearning classroom teacher | MacGregor State School » speaking at EduTECH

Amanda Frampton, Learning Delivery Specialist, Microsoft Australia

Amanda Frampton | Learning Delivery Specialist | Microsoft Australia » speaking at EduTECH

Scott Breen, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

Scott Breen | Senior Product Manager | Microsoft » speaking at EduTECH

Sid Dabrai, Endpoint Specialist, Microsoft Australia

Sid Dabrai | Endpoint Specialist | Microsoft Australia » speaking at EduTECH

Martin Dougiamas, Founder & CEO, Moodle

Martin Dougiamas | Founder & CEO | Moodle » speaking at EduTECH

David Micallef, eLearn Solutions Lead, MACS

David Micallef | eLearn Solutions Lead | MACS » speaking at EduTECH

Peter Tamas, Teams Voice Specialist, Microsoft Australia

Peter Tamas | Teams Voice Specialist | Microsoft Australia » speaking at EduTECH

Ange Alcock, Founder & MD, Flohh

Ange Alcock | Founder & MD | Flohh » speaking at EduTECH

Lou Mercuri, Technology Specialist, Microsoft Australia

Lou Mercuri | Technology Specialist | Microsoft Australia » speaking at EduTECH

Sean Fleming, Head of Engineering, Maths Pathway

Sean Fleming | Head of Engineering | Maths Pathway » speaking at EduTECH

Matt Coffey, Learning Experience Facilitator, STEM Centre of Excellence - Science Gallery Melbourne

Kate Dullard, Principal, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

Kate Dullard | Principal | Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School » speaking at EduTECH

Kate Simeon, Acting Director, International Programs, Anglican Schools Commission International

Kate Simeon | Acting Director, International Programs | Anglican Schools Commission International » speaking at EduTECH

Dr Mark Merry, Principal, Yarra Valley Grammar

Dr Mark Merry | Principal | Yarra Valley Grammar » speaking at EduTECH

Marianne Ferguson, Senior Service Management Officer, Brisbane Catholic Education Office

Marianne Ferguson | Senior Service Management Officer | Brisbane Catholic Education Office » speaking at EduTECH

Lindsay Moss, Director, StarTime Studios

Kylie Kingdon, ViSN Consultant, Catholic Education Western Australia (ViSN)

Kylie Kingdon | ViSN Consultant | Catholic Education Western Australia (ViSN) » speaking at EduTECH