Nadia Abdelal | Mathematics Education Specialist
EM Maths Consulting

Nadia Abdelal, Mathematics Education Specialist, EM Maths Consulting

Nadia Abdelal is a seasoned mathematics educator, writer, presenter, and coach, with nearly two decades of teaching expertise. Her passion for mathematics shines through her extensive contributions to the field, including authoring multiple educational books, and resources recognised in mathematics publications. Nadia's impact spans over seven years as a specialist in maths education, collaborating with primary and secondary schools nationwide. Renowned for her innovative teaching methods, she prioritises conceptual understanding and inclusivity, tailoring her approaches to diverse classroom settings. As the CEO and Founder of EM Maths Consulting, Nadia champions discourse on effective teaching strategies, furthering mathematics education across Australia.


Day 2 @ 10:30

PANEL - Numeracy

last published: 21/Apr/24 11:05 GMT

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