In The Classroom


In The Classroom is an additional teachers stream delving into the dynamic world of the classroom where the magic of learning unfolds daily.

Offering a mix of sessions with topics from esports, gaming, student intrapreneurship, robotics, digital literacy, classroom management and more technology.

We aim for this stream to aid participants to gain a deeper understanding of how to cultivate an engaging, effective, and inspiring classroom that meets the needs of every learner.


Who Attends?

  • Classroom Teachers - Graduate, Proficient and Highly Accomplished
  • Heads of Year
  • Department Heads
  • Curriculum Coordinators
  • Heads of eLearning



In The Classroom, Wednesday 14 August 2024

Conor Fennell
In The Classroom

Effective classroom management - Creating a productive learning environment

In The Classroom

How to attract and retain girls in technology subjects?

  • Present a framework, with 10 ways to attract and retain girls in technology subjects that are tried and tested.
  • Present a case study – where several of these attributes are in place now and they are experiencing cohorts of 50% girls in elective technology subjects.
  • How does gaming translate into untapped skills and resources for attracting girls into technology?  
Ian Clapham
In The Classroom

Student engagement with esports

  • The Rise of Esports Among Australian Teenagers
  • Educational Benefits and Student Engagement
  • Mental Health and Well-Being Benefits
  • Future and Career Opportunities in Esports

Ultimately aiming to:

  • acknowledge the rise of esports, its educational benefits, mental health advantages, and career opportunities.
  • unpack the importance of understanding and leveraging esports as a tool for positive student development and engagement.
  • identifying how educators, parents, and the gaming industry can collaborate in embedding the responsible use of esports in education.
Andrew Kinch
In The Classroom

Building healthier relationships with gaming

  • Explore what motivates gamers to play in healthy and unhealthy ways
  • Learn the difference between engaging and compulsive game design
  • Learn how schools can harness the benefits of gaming through gaming clubs and esports programs
Tara Barron
In The Classroom

Developing future global leaders in the primary school

“Today’s primary students are tomorrow’s world leaders” 

Developing leadership and global mindedness in students to see themselves as citizens of a world community through:

  • Appreciating and celebrating diversity
  • Understanding different perspectives and the WHY
  • Taking responsibility and positive action
Luke Callier
In The Classroom

Why schools need intrapreneurs

  • How Entrepreneurship leads to Intrapreneurship
  • The Value of Intrapreneurs in your School
  • How Intrapreneurs win in Schools
  • An Intrapreneurs Playbook
Dr Melanie Tarr
In The Classroom

Explicit instruction through graphic design for programming

  • Explicit Instruction for programming - the framework.
  • Prioritising ecological biology through graphic design.
  • The app ecosystem - building confidence and cancelling code anxiety!
  • Our kids apps - Live examples of student creations.
  • Apps in high school since 2012 - What has been learned.
Adam King
In The Classroom

Robotics and learning scaffolds

  • Enhanced Engagement: Discover how integrating robotics into education fosters active participation and engagement among students, leveraging technology to create dynamic learning experiences.
  • Scaffolding Critical Thinking Skills: Learn how technology serves as a scaffold, guiding students through increasingly complex tasks and promoting the development of problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Real-World Skill Development: Learn how robotics in education goes beyond traditional teaching methods, providing students with hands-on experiences that cultivate essential skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration, preparing them for the challenges of the future.
  • Promoting Innovation and Creativity through Integration: Explore how robotics and learning scaffolds nurture creativity and innovation by encouraging students to design, build, and problem-solve in collaborative settings
Panel discussion
Panel discussion
In The Classroom

Challenges of digital literacy

  • Identifies challenges which limits the effectiveness of implementation of digital platforms in the classroom throughout all subject areas.
  • Students are entering into the high school setting who are lacking basic skills and experience with technology and coding, leading to deficits in STEM and digital technology areas.
  • How are we addressing the issues to ensure we are building students who are digitally literate with skills that translate to industry, university and job requirements in an ever-increasing digital world.
  • Introduction of a Digital Media Elective (3-year plan) and upskilling of staff with future planned workshops offered to feeder primary schools
Panel discussion
In The Classroom

Hackerspace classroom

  • Hacking your classroom and building a smart classroom (IOT)
  • Utilising Github, Blockchain, the Nostr Protocol and the Lightning Network in the classroom
  • Minecraft as an LMS and building virtual learning spaces for VR
  • CyberSecurity and Network Engineering
  • Building an arcade machine and building your own games for the classroom
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