Nora Koslowski | Former Chief Learning Innovation Officer
Melbourne Business School

Nora Koslowski, Former Chief Learning Innovation Officer, Melbourne Business School

Dr Nora Koslowski is Melbourne Business School’s inaugural Chief Learning Innovation Officer. At Melbourne Business School, she and her team have created an online education brand (MBS Online) and set up a future of learning lab (MBS&). Nora holds degrees in psychology, management, and teaching, and began her career as a researcher focusing on human-technology interaction. She quickly advanced into academic leadership, becoming a head of department before the age of 30, and has since been a consultant, speaker and facilitator to many ASX top100 organisations, helping to equip leaders with a deep sense of purpose and a sense of hope for the part they can play in shaping a digital and AI-augmented future. Nora regularly speaks at major events (a highlight was interviewing OpenAI CEO Sam Altman), professional conferences in learning, and at company events focused on digital transformation, the future of work, and learning.

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