Liana Simpson | Head of Teaching and Learning P-6
Suncoast Christian College

Liana Simpson, Head of Teaching and Learning P-6, Suncoast Christian College

Liana has 20+ years of teaching and leadership experience in early years and primary education. In her current role as Head of Teaching and Learning at Suncoast Christian College, she has been actively involved in the design and consultation process for a new and unique primary building that aligns with a bold and innovative College vision. In conjunction with this, she has helped to lead the team through a significant time of change while realigning practice across the primary school to reflect evidence and stage-based pedagogies.


Day 2 @ 11:00

With a clear critical vision, comes a successful build & transformation

  • Development of the Vision (2017) 
  • Design process between architects and our team 
  • The Pedagogical Journey of our Primary School
  • Stepping into the Vision (Transitioning into the new precinct) 
  • Observations and Reflections – 1 Year in... (2024) 
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