Greg Mattiske | Principal
Suncoast Christian College

Greg Mattiske, Principal, Suncoast Christian College

Greg has been principal of Suncoast Christian College in the hinterland of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast since 2016, having started his teaching career 35 years ago. He has enjoyed a very diverse and rewarding career, serving in Head of House and Year Level Coordinator roles prior to his appointment at Suncoast as Head of English in 1997, followed by Head of Middle School, Director of P-12 Teaching & Learning and penultimately Deputy Principal. These collective experiences have stoked a passion for learners and learning, as well as teachers and teaching, all of which have found expression in the design of the new Primary Precinct at Suncoast Christian College. The recently completed project realises the College’s unique vision for learning, in which staff work together in teams, in beautiful, agile spaces to deliver differentiated learning, focused on each student’s growth. It has been quite the adventure taking the team on this journey, starting with the dreaming and envisioning through all the planning, adjustments to pedagogy and the thousand tiny steps to arrive at this point in time.


Day 2 @ 11:00

With a clear critical vision, comes a successful build & transformation

  • Development of the Vision (2017) 
  • Design process between architects and our team 
  • The Pedagogical Journey of our Primary School
  • Stepping into the Vision (Transitioning into the new precinct) 
  • Observations and Reflections – 1 Year in... (2024) 
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