Kate Archer | Junior School Teacher & K-6 Leader of Learning
Loreto Kirribilli

Kate Archer, Junior School Teacher & K-6 Leader of Learning, Loreto Kirribilli

Kate is a passionate and dedicated educator who inspires excellence and fosters the continuous pursuit of personal best. With a strong commitment to embracing digital technology, she incorporates innovative teaching practices into her dual role as a Junior School teacher and K-6 Leader of Learning at Loreto Kirribilli. Kate equips students with the skills and learning dispositions needed to thrive and contribute significantly to society.


Day 1 @ 13:15

Leveraging digital technologies in mathematics

Our session focuses on leveraging digital technology to design for deep learning in Mathematics. Discover innovative ways to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes through authentic technology integration. We will delve into hands-on activities, including augmented reality applications and AI, used to reinforce mathematical concepts. We will demonstrate how these technologies can transform traditional math lessons into dynamic, interactive experiences, while also highlighting cross-curricular opportunities to address literacy within the Mathematics curriculum.

last published: 21/Apr/24 11:05 GMT

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