Katherine Chisholm | Teacher
Boonah State High School (Winner of Best 2023 STEM Progam)

Katherine Chisholm, Teacher, Boonah State High School (Winner of Best 2023 STEM Progam)

Katherine is a seasoned educator with a wealth of experience at Boonah State High School in the picturesque Scenic Rim, QLD. Commencing her teaching journey in 2003 as a Primary School Teacher, Katherine has dedicated the past decade to Boonah, currently instructing in Science, Mathematics, and Humanities. Additionally, she serves as the Year 7 Coordinator, a position she has held for five years. Fueling her enthusiasm for STEM education, Katherine played a pivotal role in shaping and fostering the STEM program at Boonah. The program's success has garnered accolades, such as being named the UQ Science Ambassador Best Ambassador School in 2021, hosting the Minister for Education for the Solomon Islands in 2023, and clinching the GROK Academy Best STEM program at the 2023 Australian Educator Awards. Notably, her projects were featured at the Curiocity School’s Challenge in 2022 and 2024, a part of the Art/Science program at the World Science Festival Brisbane. Beyond her contributions to STEM, Katherine has actively participated in curriculum development and leadership within her teaching domains. Over the past two years, she played a pivotal role in implementing the new Version 9 Australian Curriculum in maths and science. Her engagement extends to diverse school activities, including the 2023 School Musical and various sports coaching roles. In 2018, Katherine coached a girls T20 cricket team that reached the State Championships in Townsville, securing the title of QLD runners-up. With a rich tapestry of experiences, Katherine embodies a commitment to education and innovation that she eagerly shares in her keynote address.


Day 2 @ 14:00

Challenges of digital literacy

  • Identifies challenges which limits the effectiveness of implementation of digital platforms in the classroom throughout all subject areas.
  • Students are entering into the high school setting who are lacking basic skills and experience with technology and coding, leading to deficits in STEM and digital technology areas.
  • How are we addressing the issues to ensure we are building students who are digitally literate with skills that translate to industry, university and job requirements in an ever-increasing digital world.
  • Introduction of a Digital Media Elective (3-year plan) and upskilling of staff with future planned workshops offered to feeder primary schools
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