Katrina Cole | Head or Experiential Learning
Trinity College

Katrina Cole, Head or Experiential Learning, Trinity College

Katrina is Head of Experiential Learning at Trinity College’s Blackham Environmental and Conservation Centre (BECC). She completed her Bachelor degree in Applied Science - Natural Resource Management at the University of Adelaide in 1997 and a Bachelor in Education (Early Childhood Education) at the University of South Australia in 1999. Katrina joined Trinity College in 2001 and, in her more than 21 years of service to primary education, has been nominated four times for a National Excellence in Teaching Award (NEiTA). With her extensive classroom experience, Katrina joined the BECC team in 2021, where her innate capacity for pastoral care has allowed her to effectively adapt the traditional early years pedagogy to a nature-based learning environment. In 2023, Blackham Environmental and Conservation Centre was recognised at the Australian Education Awards, with a Grok Academy Award for excellence in curriculum innovation and design.   \


Day 2 @ 14:00

Nature playground – experiential learning

  • What are the benefits of nature immersive learning?
  • What are the conditions for effective immersive learning?
  • How can I bring forth the benefits with limited natural resources?
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