Lauren Sayer | Executive Director Digital Learning, Research and Innovation
Melbourne Girls' Grammar School

Lauren Sayer, Executive Director Digital Learning, Research and Innovation, Melbourne Girls' Grammar School

Educational leadership has always been at the heart and centre of Lauren's professional career. Lauren started her career in Melbourne's western suburbs and quickly rose to leadership positions in educational innovation and middle years pedagogy.  Lauren's pioneering approaches to the use of educational technology in schools in the late 90s established her as one of the nation's leaders in this area, being acknowledged as ICTEV's educator of the year.   Her expertise, dedication and enthusiasm in this area of education led her to (several) leadership roles within the educational technology industry where, always with the learner at the centre, she helped international learning technologies companies grow and develop their products and professional learning for educators.   Lauren recent roles have included Head of Education at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne where she championed the cause for world class pedagogy and continuous learning for those students who were not able to attend school in a traditional setting as well as strengthening partnerships between the student's school, hospital and family during periods which posed many challenges.      As Director of Digital Learning at Haileybury, Lauren was able to spearhead the effective integration and application of educational technology across the school. Lauren was responsible for overseeing the implementation of online, continuous reporting and feedback through the schools content / learning management system as well as (with her team) rapidly prepare the entire Haileybury school community for the transition to online learning with the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020.      Throughout her career, Lauren has always placed innovative pedagogies at the heart of her leadership, and she is a passionate advocate of supporting engaged, articulate, creative, critical and independent digital learners backed by a modern digital learning curriculum. Empowered by her natural curiosity and thirst for professional learning, Lauren is a leading voice in the Victorian and National educational community through her work with ACEL, Code Like a Girl, Robogals and other organisations who are committed to learning for the future.     Lauren is now part of the executive of Melbourne Girls Grammar School where she is developing best practice in learning technology, digital literacy and building an evidence base for modern digital capability as director of the school's Centre for Educational Enterprise.


Day 1 @ 13:20

It is time to put the Ed back into Edtech

In this session Lauren will talk about how it is time to ensure our education research and practice is as strong as our technology practice.
  • Practical frameworks for choosing technology to support learning
  • Pitfalls of too much tech and not enough Ed
  • Why and how trials and partnerships between all stakeholders are vital for strong educational technology adoption.

Day 1 @ 16:20

New Tools - New Possibilities: Classrooms enhanced with technology

High tech, leading edge, bleeding edge! Can these things coexist in a K12 classroom whilst navigating student privacy, data soverienity and data protection? Let's explore cutting edge technology to support the modern classroom achieve all that's possible.
last published: 02/Aug/21 07:26 GMT
last published: 02/Aug/21 07:26 GMT
last published: 02/Aug/21 07:26 GMT

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