Will Wheeler | Founder & Director
Neurodiversity Academy

Will Wheeler, Founder & Director, Neurodiversity Academy

Will is a neurodivergent social entrepreneur and founder of Neurodiversity Academy.

Will has worked in the VET sector since 2010 and has identified the missed opportunities of higher learning organisations when it comes to supporting neurodivergent students.

Will's goal is to help promote neuro-inclusive learning organisations through Neurodiversity Academy, while helping neurodivergent students develop in their careers.

It's predicted that 25% of Fortune 500 companies will be actively employing neurodivergent people by 2027 (Gartner: Neurodiversity Is the Secret to Bridging the Talent Gap, 2020). That's why understanding Neurodiversity in higher education is going to be vital, as these people are going to be in high demand.



Day 2 @ 12:00

Where do higher education organisations need to start with neuro-inclusion

  • What we are currently seeing involving neuro-inclusion
  • Where do we need to start with neuro-inclusion in higher education
  • The neurodiversity chain of responsibility
  • Neurodiversity and the magic of innovation
  • Simple measures that could be implemented┬á
last published: 19/Jul/24 07:15 GMT

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