Bob Willetts | Principal & 2023 Winner - Best Student Wellbeing Program
Berry Public School

Bob Willetts, Principal & 2023 Winner - Best Student Wellbeing Program, Berry Public School

  Bob Willetts Bob is always learning as a teacher, leader, parent and surfer. His personal “Why” of “Fitness, Family, Function” has fuelled his desire to learn and contribute meaningfully to education, while also seeking to keep his passions in harmony.   He is currently the Principal of Berry Public School in NSW and Deputy President of the NSW Primary Principals’ Association (NSWPPA). He has over 25 years experience as a school leader across a variety of contexts, including K-12 schools in rural and remote communities. Bob believes in nurturing the entire school ecosystem to improve student learning outcomes.  He strongly advocates for focus on staff wellbeing and positive school culture as critical determinants of student outcomes. Bob initiated The Flourish Movement in 2016, and is the co-creator of The Flourish Movement Podcast with Dr Adam Fraser, which has become one of the top ranking podcasts in its category in Australia, as an authentic voice of educators in the country. Berry Public School was recently awarded Best Student Wellbeing Program at the Australian Education Awards. The school also contributed to the NSW Ambassador Schools Research into effective teaching and learning due to the consistently outstanding academic performance of the school. As the current Deputy President of the NSW Primary Principals’ Association, he has held multiple system leadership roles including:

  • Chairperson of the NSWPPA Assessment Planning and Accountability Reference Group;
  • NSW Educational Standards Authority Assessment Committee;
  • NSWDoE School Excellence Advisory Group;
  • NSWPPA response to  the NSW Curriculum Review, and Parliamentary Inquiry;
  • Executive Liaison NSWPPA Principal Support Reference Group;
  • Facilitator: NSWPPA and NSWDoE Workforce Wellbeing Workshops;
  • NSWDoE Staff Wellbeing Advisory Group
As a keynote speaker and leadership program facilitator, Bob is highly regarded and respected in delivering research evidence-based professional programs. He empowers leaders to implement high impact behaviour changes that generate research-evidenced increases in effective and sustainable leadership practices. He is past a recipient of the NSW Leadership Fellowship Award for his research on instructional leadership.  Optimistic by nature and intrinsically motivated to help others, Bob is a progressive and honest educator and advocate.            

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