Andrew Kinch | Founder

Andrew Kinch, Founder, GameAware

"As a competitive and casual gamer of 30 years, a teacher of health and wellbeing for 15 and a parent of 2, my skillset is primed to tackle this issue." I love video games. I love the immersion, the skill, the competition and the community. That being said, in the past I’ve had the experience of stepping over the line where video games took up way too much of my time and affected me in ways I didn’t expect. That’s why I’m going to know exactly what our gamer is feeling, and how to get buy-in for a healthier and more sustainable way to enjoy their passion. Our mission is to bridge the gap between gamers, parents and professionals through education and intelligent gaming strategies.

  • developing esports player development pathways that maximise benefits and minimise harms of overplaying
  • learn how to play intelligently and sustainably
  • minimize compulsion and escapism by building resilience
  • reduce the conflict around gaming at home
  • develop self knowledge and a greater sense of fulfilment


Day 1 @ 14:15

Gamification and digital games in HPE learning

This session focuses on how digital games and gamification principles can make HPE learning more engaging and memorable, and how they cater to students with disabilities or special needs. This session will include discussing specific technologies and platforms that use gaming principles and how schools have integrated and trialled them in their settings.

Day 2 @ 11:00

Building healthier relationships with gaming

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