Ayesha Umar | Head of Faculty - Mathematics
Wesley College St Kilda Road Campus

Ayesha Umar, Head of Faculty - Mathematics, Wesley College St Kilda Road Campus

Ayesha Umar is the Head of Mathematics Faculty at Wesley College St Kilda Road. She is also the elected member of the National Executive Committee of the Career Development Association of Australia. She works as a Senior Assessor and Career Coach/Mentor for STEM professionals for Hudson. She has presented at the EduTech Conference 2023, National Conference of Career Development Association of Australia 2022, World Council for Gifted and Talented Children Conference 2021 & 2023 and Regional Teachers Training Summit 2021. She has also contributed to the government's initiative of Diversity in STEM. She has a Master’s in Teaching Secondary, Grad Cert. in Gifted Ed., Grad Cert. in Careers Education and Development, Cert. in Ambitious Teaching and Learning and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. She is an advocate for gifted students and STEM professionals.


Day 1 @ 13:15

Inclusive education in STEM

This presentation will discuss designing and implementing an inclusive education programs for STEM subjects based on an evidence-based practice. 

A case study of an inclusive education program for mathematics from Year 7 to 10 will be presented. This will include guidelines for acceleration and intervention, assessment of prior knowledge and assessment for learning, addressing knowledge gaps, evaluating student readiness to learn and increasing student agency. 

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