Jason van Domburgh | Educator & Digital Technologies Facilitator
Marist College Bendigo

Jason van Domburgh, Educator & Digital Technologies Facilitator, Marist College Bendigo

I am a digi-tech specialist teacher and digi-tech leader at Marist College Bendigo, an F-12 college in Central Victoria. With a background in software development, database and network administration, as well as in the creative arts (I am a glassblower by trade), my practice bridges creativity with computer science. My teaching passion areas include robotics, VR content creation, animation, and game development (Scratch) at Years 5 to 7, and senior game development (Unity), robotics, C# programming, and VET IT for Years 9 to 12. I have a Master of Education (Digital Leanring), and have a deep interest in the "why" and "how" digital technologies are used, through the lens of a digi-mindset.  See https://digimindset.info/ for more information on my research in this area.


Day 1 @ 15:15

Authentic curriculum integration

In this presentation, we explore the concept of “creative serendipity” through the integration of Digital Technologies and Performing Arts (Music) learning domains into valuable cross-curricular learning experiences. Using semester-based projects from Years 5 & 6 as working examples. The presentation showcases two projects, “Battle of the bands”, and “Retro-Gamer”, from planning, through resourcing, implementation, and the culminating community events.


Take-away key points:

  • The richness of combining learning domains
  • The “Batte of the bands” case study project, our first iteration of explicit integration, well not quite, but back to our PBL roots post-COVID
  • The “Retro-Gamer” case study project, taking what worked well, and creating something bigger!
  • The value of the Maker’s Space as a form of celebrating creativity
  • What happens when creative skills spontaneously appear out of expected context? Creative serendipity!


Take-away resources:

  • Planning overview documentation
  • Access to the “Retro-Gamer” Google Site, including workshops, resources, worksheets, and assessment checkpoints
  • List of hardware and software used for showcase projects
  • Integrated curriculum map (Victorian Curriculum Level 5-6) for Digital Technologies and Performing Arts (Music)
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