Mark Yeates | Design Teacher
Good Samaritan Catholic College

Mark Yeates, Design Teacher, Good Samaritan Catholic College

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  I am currently a Lead AST2 teacher at Good Samaritan Catholic College on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland for 2024. My teaching career has been eclectic and diverse, and I have taught a range of subjects in various contexts. From Vocational Education to Senior Design and Business subjects, I have honed my skills as an educator in broad range of schools across Queensland, from Juvenile Justice to Elite Private sector and everything in between.  In addition to my teaching, I have also helped RoboCoast train hundreds of students and teachers across the Sunny Coast region. My students have been involved with Immersehigh since its inception, and I am now the President of the organization, working to keep this competition alive. Looking to the future, my goal is to see the creation of an integrated training facility that utilizes technological advancements such as AI, Virtual Reality and Quantum computing to deliver a learning system that creates efficient pathways for all students, differentiated to their individual talents and the needs of the communities they live in.  


Day 2 @ 12:30

P-10 Learning using VR XR & Meta-Spaces

  • Develop interactive simulations that allow students to actively engage with the lesson content.
  • Design virtual environments that facilitate collaborative learning among students.
  • Creating multi-sensory nature of VR to create impactful learning experiences.
  • Implement adaptive learning pathways based on individual student progress and preferences
  • Virtual Field Trips and Experiential Learning: Take advantage of VR to conduct virtual field trips to locations that would otherwise be inaccessible
  • A link to five sets of Unit plans for ages - (P-2, 3-5, 6-9,10,12,13 -15) these will only be given to attendees on the day.

Day 2 @ 14:00

PANEL - Closing the digital divide – Low cost robotic options for schools

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