Donna Wright | Principal
Bandiana Primary School

Donna Wright, Principal, Bandiana Primary School

Donna Wright is a former Australian Principal of the Year for both Government and Independent Schools (2020). She was also honored as the Victorian Marrung Leader in 2023 and served as a presenter and national lead at the UNESCO Global Inclusive Education Conference in 2024. These accolades stand as a testament to her unwavering commitment and passion for education. Donna holds a Bachelor of Education, a Graduate Diploma of Student Welfare, a Master of Educational Leadership, a Bachelor of Laws, and a Graduate Diploma in Professional Legal Training. Her dedication to inclusive education extends to supporting minority groups and neurodiverse students, including gifted children. With high expectations and unwavering diligence, she pursues the provision of high-quality education for all.


Day 1 @ 14:15

Education Leadership - Differentiation and the Gifted Child

In this session, participants will gain valuable insights from a seasoned school leader, aimed at helping schools develop strategies to identify gifted children. The session will delve into the notion of the 'tall poppy syndrome' and advocate for extension activities and accceleeration that empower every child to achieve their maximum potential

last published: 20/May/24 07:25 GMT

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