Tamara Templeton | eLearning Mentor - Primary Teacher
St Anthony's Catholic College

Tamara Templeton, eLearning Mentor -  Primary Teacher, St Anthony's Catholic College

Tamara, an innovative educator, currently serves as a primary Digital Technologies teacher and eLearning Mentor at St Anthony’s Catholic College in Townsville, Queensland. Fueled by a passion for leveraging technology to elevate learning experiences, she is devoted to empowering educators on their digital literacy journey. Tamara is a dedicated advocate for the seamless integration of technology in education, delivering impactful professional development sessions to teachers across North Queensland. Holding the title of Google Certified Trainer and serving as a QSITE PD officer, she plays a pivotal role in shaping professional development initiatives in the area. Tamara specializes in Google for Education tools, digital safety trends and resources, LEGO robotics, and coding. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in educational technology continues to inspire and uplift educators in her community.

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