Joshua Bowman | Primary School Educator
Eastwood Public School

Joshua Bowman, Primary School Educator, Eastwood Public School

With 10+ years of experience in the 3D animation industry, 7 years lecturing, mentoring and designing curriculum at TAFE and university for 3D animation and acting, followed by 7 years in primary school education, Joshua brings unique insight, along side a wide variety and depth of experience to his daily classroom practice. He integrates digital and traditional tools into the learning and teaching cycle in ways that excite, delight and ignite passion, enthusiasm for learning, curiosity and confidence in each and every student.


Day 1 @ 15:45

Minecraft: Education for everyone

  • as a tool for engaging students with autism,
  • as a tool for fostering engagement with language for EAL/D students,
  • to facilitate collaboration, respect and inclusion in a diverse classroom.
last published: 24/Jun/24 08:25 GMT

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