Sal Khan | Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Khan Academy

Sal Khan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Khan Academy

As Founder and CEO of the nonprofit Khan Academy, Salman seeks to remove the barriers to education that leave over 600 million children lacking basic math and reading skills. His free, world-class curriculum—available to anyone, anywhere has made a massive impact, with the academy’s videos reaching over a billion views. Now, Sal is using the power of AI to make education even more accessible to students around the world. With the introduction of the revolutionary Khanmigo, an AI-powered teaching student, every student now has a personal tutor. In talks, Sal shares how we can revolutionize education with technology, open interaction, and a personalized approach to learning.


Day 1 @ 10:05

Brave new words: How AI will revolutionize education

After the explosion of AI, teachers and parents around the world worried that it would completely undermine education as we know it. But Sal Khan, founder of the non-profit Khan Academy, says that doesn’t have to be the case. “We’re at the cusp of using AI for the biggest positive transformation that education has ever seen,” says Sal.


Day 1 @ 10:35

PANEL - The future of education in an AI powered world

last published: 21/Apr/24 11:05 GMT

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