Prof Rose Luckin | Professor, UCL Knowledge Lab and Founder, Educate Ventures Research
University College London

Prof Rose Luckin, Professor, UCL Knowledge Lab and Founder, Educate Ventures Research, University College London

Rosemary (Rose) Luckin is a Professor at University College London and Founder of Educate Ventures Research (EVR) who has spent over 30 years developing and studying AI for Education. She is renowned for her research into the design and evaluation of educational technology and AI. She was named as one of the 20 most influential people in education in the Seldon List in 2017, the only non-US winner of the ISTE Impact Award, and one of Computer Weekly’s top 50 most influential women in technology for 2023. Rose regularly provides expert evidence to policymakers like the UK Parliament's House of Lords and House of Commons select committees and the European Commission. Rose has published widely in academic journals, at international conferences, through books, and in news media (TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines). Her 2018 book, Machine Learning and Human Intelligence: The Future of Education for the 21st Century, has been translated into Mandarin and influenced many of China's leading AI companies. Her most recent book, AI for School Teachers (2022), is an essential and accessible guide to AI for anyone in education. Rose also founded EDUCATE Ventures Research Ltd., a London hub for educational technology startups, researchers, and educators engaged in evidence-based edtech and leveraging data and AI to benefit education. Rose has taught in secondary, further, and higher education. She has led many large interdisciplinary international research projects and held senior leadership roles in higher education, including as Pro Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning at the University of Sussex before joining UCL in 2006. She is President of the Self-Managed Learning College in Brighton and host of the EdTech podcast. 


Day 1 @ 10:35

PANEL - The future of education in an AI powered world

Day 1 @ 11:45

Transforming education: Harnessing AI to improve our human intelligence

  • Insights into the potential of AI to revolutionize education: I will explore how AI technologies can be leveraged for learning experiences, adapt to individual learners' needs, and create more engaging and effective educational environments.


  • Strategies for using AI to augment human intelligence: I will discuss how AI can be harnessed to enhance and support human intelligence rather than replace it. I will present practical strategies for integrating AI tools and techniques into educational settings in a way that empowers learners and educators alike, fostering the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills.


  • A roadmap for responsible and ethical AI adoption in education: As a leading expert in the field, I will address the important considerations surrounding the ethical and responsible use of AI in education. I will provide the audience with a clear strategy for navigating the challenges and opportunities associated with AI adoption, ensuring that the transformative potential of these technologies is realised in a way that benefits all learners and upholds essential values such as privacy, fairness, and transparency.
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