Paul Watson | Principal
Emmanuel Catholic College WA

Paul Watson, Principal, Emmanuel Catholic College WA

Throughout his career Paul has held numerous senior leadership positions both within the WA Department of Education and Catholic Education Western Australia. He has a strong history of innovative practice and is a strong proponent of 21st Century Teaching and Learning. He strongly advocates for significant educational transformation in our schools to inspire a love of learning  and enhance school operational and administrative efficiency, strengthening a sense of community and improving the work lifestyle balance of educators.   A highly proficient and capable public speaker he has most notably presented at Edutech, National Future Schools, ‘ReLearn’ Learnlife Barcelona - Innovation Education Festival and the 2022/23 National ACEL Conferences. He was recognised on the Educators 2022 ‘HotList.’ the Australian EduIpact List and was a 2023 recipient of an ACEL WA Certificate of Excellence in Educational Leadership Award.  


Day 1 @ 15:45

PANEL - Doing schooling differently

Why - society changing means schooling changes;

  • some students can't get to school
  • students have the same classroom approaches all their schooling (unrealistic for life)
  • to cope with change and to broaden their idea of their role in education

What - need to provide different ways students can engage in learning (online, flexible, increase choices, different ways of learning engagement);

  • need not to teach same way online that happens in the classroom
  • design for choice and flexible engagement

How - start with school based changes- longer open flexible sessions;

  • classrooms in different spaces- asynchronous first then synchronous + check-ins
  • teaching beyond physical classroom 
  • increasing choice across time periods


Day 2 @ 12:30

PANEL - Leading innovation

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