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Sarah Prestridge, Digital Pedagogies, Griffith University

Associate Professor Sarah Prestridge, Griffith Institute for Educational Research, examines the areas of digital pedagogies, online teaching, connected learning and self-generating professional learning. She has always been interested in how teachers conceptualise technologies and how this effects the ways they use it in their teaching. For over 30 years she has served as classroom teacher, education adviser and academic. 


Day 1 @ 15:45

PANEL - Doing schooling differently

Why - society changing means schooling changes;

  • some students can't get to school
  • students have the same classroom approaches all their schooling (unrealistic for life)
  • to cope with change and to broaden their idea of their role in education

What - need to provide different ways students can engage in learning (online, flexible, increase choices, different ways of learning engagement);

  • need not to teach same way online that happens in the classroom
  • design for choice and flexible engagement

How - start with school based changes- longer open flexible sessions;

  • classrooms in different spaces- asynchronous first then synchronous + check-ins
  • teaching beyond physical classroom 
  • increasing choice across time periods


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