Ryan Elwell | Director, Digital Pedagogies and Online Safety Education
ACT Education Directorate

Ryan Elwell, Director, Digital Pedagogies and Online Safety Education, ACT Education Directorate

Ryan is a 20-year veteran of the classroom, having taught STEM with a focus on engineering and physics in three countries. He completed an undergraduate degree in Physics Education at Saint Vincent College, followed by a Master's in Earth and Space Science Education at Johns Hopkins University to better support his teaching practice. He is currently enrolled at QUT, working toward a PhD in digital technologies and teacher self-directed learning. Ryan has career-long passions for using technology to support educational accessibility and equity for teachers and students, ethical and safe integration of EdTech into the classroom, and working across teams toward shared goals. Ryan is currently the Director of the Online Safety Education and the Digital Pedagogies within the ACT Education Directorate.


Day 1 @ 11:45

Moving from AI prompting to AI fluency with large language models

Through this presentation, attendees will:1. Review and reflect on the importance of prompting with large language models, and how a few key inclusions can increase the impact of the AI output.2. Explore extensions to take prompts even further, and learn techniques to better refine and amplify your AI interactions.3. Define AI fluency, and unpack the skills and dispositions teachers and students can demonstrate to create more effective and meaningful interactions with large language models. 

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