Dr Amanda Allisey | Capability Manager, Leadership

Dr Amanda Allisey, Capability Manager, Leadership, Coles

Amanda is an experienced organisational development leader with a background spanning consulting, academic, and learning roles in large complex and innovative businesses. She has most recently worked on building at-scale leadership development and learning, integrating emerging technologies to increase reach and impact of programs, and transforming learning frameworks to future-proof organisations. He current role at Coles Group includes ownership of the leadership framework for over 13,000 leaders and responsibility for designing and delivering large-scale solutions that have impact at scale.


Day 1 @ 15:15

Leadership and learning trends; how to put context over content in order to upskill leaders for complexity

  • Why traditional leadership development is no longer fit for purpose and what methods are required to reach leaders for meaningful impact
  • What do leaders really need to know and do in this age of complexity in order to thrive and how to rapidly upskill them
  • How to turn learning into solutions that leaders want for real tangible challenges they are facing
last published: 19/Jul/24 07:15 GMT

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