Paul Wulfrun | Year 9 Level Leader, Horizons Wellbeing Coordinator & VCE Science Educator
Mount Lilydale Mercy College

Paul Wulfrun, Year 9 Level Leader, Horizons Wellbeing Coordinator & VCE Science Educator, Mount Lilydale Mercy College

Paul Wulfrun is an educator at Mount Lilydale Mercy College who believes in the power of lifelong learning. As a Level Leader, Wellbeing Coordinator, and a teacher of Science, Maths, and Humanities, Paul is always looking for new ways to engage his students and broaden his own horizons. With a Bachelor of Education, majoring in Sociopolitics and minoring in Environmental Science and Physics, Paul brings a unique perspective to his roles. But he’ll be the first to tell you that his learning didn’t stop at university. Every day brings new lessons, especially when you’re as immersed in technology as Paul is. From hosting an online cryptocurrency education group with over 24,000 members to using AI to enhance his graphic design skills, Paul is always exploring the potential of technology. But what really gets him excited is seeing his students apply their STEM knowledge in creative ways as part of the Tournament of Minds initiative at his college. Opportunities like this are so important for students, empowering them to become innovators and creators of software and technology, not just consumers. Paul is currently collaborating with online education systems to make student portals more intuitive and user-friendly. It’s a challenging project, but Paul is motivated to reconnect students to engage with the feedback educators provide and to celebrate their successes. While he’s spoken at conferences in the past, this is his first talk on AI in education. He’s excited about the opportunity to share his insights and learn from others in the field. As he looks to the future, Paul is eager to continue exploring the potential of AI to simplify work, make feedback and assessment more accessible, and foster creativity among students. After all, in education, the journey of learning never ends and we owe it to our students to understand what is at the forefront of technology and help them navigate this new domain.


Day 1 @ 14:15

Using A.I and social media tools to develop a positive student relationship with feedback, success and education

This presentation will focus on giving teachers resources and tools to make reliable, ethical and impactful feedback for their students, goals for schools who want to improve how students engage and work with feedback and celebrate success in student portals and school environments and how A.I and machine learning can assist with this.

last published: 13/Jun/24 07:45 GMT

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