Timothy Bond | Director of Learning Analytics and Technology
Loreto College Marryatville

Timothy Bond, Director of Learning Analytics and Technology, Loreto College Marryatville

I am a Maths teacher based in Adelaide, South Australia, with over 10 years of classroom experience. For 5 years I was a Mathematics Faculty Leader before taking up my current role leading staff in the use of classroom technologies, digital technologies, and analytics at Loreto College, Marryatville. The teaching and learning of statistics is a particular area of interest for me. 


Day 1 @ 14:15

PANEL - New metrics - it's time to rethink standardised testing

Day 1 @ 14:45

Authentic statistics: Building digital dashboards

  • Teaching statistics is fundamentally different from teaching mathematics - they are separate disciplines with different rules of engagement
  • Using digital tools allows us to go beyond small and inauthentic data sets where our learning focus is mostly on computation to large (messy) and authentic data where we explore appropriate interpretation and effective communication in much more depth
  • Selecting the right digital tool makes a whole lot of difference - many have a steep learning curve (e.g., R, PowerBI), and many are simply too limited. Excel, while popular, is not designed for statistical analysis. 
  • I will share my experiences using CODAP and Tableau in Year 10 Mathematics
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