Kevin Hennah | Library Consultant & Public Speaker
Kevin Hennah

Kevin Hennah, Library Consultant & Public Speaker, Kevin Hennah

Kevin Hennah has carried out over 2,000 onsite consultations at libraries internationally. His keynote presentations and workshops have been delivered throughout Europe, Asia, The USA, Canada, The UAE,  Australia and New Zealand. He has a wealth of ideas to share and is passionate about keeping libraries vibrant and relevant. Kevin’s background includes over 25 years experience working with international retail brands such as The Body Shop, Kathmandu, OshKosh, Virgin Mobile and Westfield on store design and visual merchandising. In 2002, an invitation to present for The State Library of Victoria saw him make the transition to work with libraries. In the two decades that followed, Kevin’s advice has constantly evolved but his focus on maintaining relevance is unfaltering.

Kevin passionately believes that a great library is not measured by architecture and interior design alone. The critical and often missing link is development of a contemporary visual merchandising strategy for physical collections and how to fuse this with technology and people  spaces that cater to current and emerging needs. In education, this must also include the creation of learning spaces that offer a point of difference over classrooms. As an extension of his consultancy projects, Kevin has developed a suite of library-specific workshops exploring innovation in library design, layout, furnishings, navigation and signage. His workshops have been delivered throughout Australia, The USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, Laos, New Zealand, Qatar, Dubai, Romania, Belgium and England.


Day 2 @ 10:30

Inspired Library design

What is the purpose of a contemporary school library? What role do physical resources play? How should libraries be designed and how do they function? Drawing on his experience consulting to over 2,000 libraries internationally, Kevin Hennah provides thought provoking advice designed to ensure your project does not equate to a contemporary build housing traditional and often out-dated ideas.

Day 2 @ 12:00

Maintaining relevant school libraries

Change is inevitable but maintaining relevance is a matter of choice! Join Library Consultant Kevin Hennah as he explains  how to breath new life into libraries while showcasing examples of dozens of schools that have auctioned his advice on collection layout and learning spaces, achieving exceptional results.

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