Sean Inman | Head of Wellbeing Programs
St Peter's College

Sean Inman, Head of Wellbeing Programs, St Peter's College

Sean Inman (M. Ed, B.A. Hons, P.G.C.E.) is the Head Of Wellbeing Programs at St. Peter’s College. Sean has led and overseen the development of a taught curriculum of Wellbeing in Years 8 and 10 which is now delivered within their new Wellbeing, Health and PE faculty area. The St Peters College Wellbeing curriculum has become renowned for its uniqueness and creativity after building upon the foundation programs which Professor Seligman and his University of Pennsylvania team introduced to the school, in 2012. St Peters College is a Visible Wellbeing School and Sean has also worked as a Visible Wellbeing facilitator with various schools across Australia, to embed wellbeing programs using the SEARCH framework. Sean's Head of Wellbeing Programs role now aims to take the most important concepts, skills and strategies learnt from their unique wellbeing journey and embed them within all areas of school life.


Day 2 @ 13:30

Measuring and managing student wellbeing in schools – How to decide upon the best approaches, resources and technologies for your school context.

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