Emily Ulrich | STEM Consultant
Polly Farmer Foundation

Emily Ulrich, STEM Consultant, Polly Farmer Foundation

As an educator, Emily has relished the opportunity to work in a diverse range of educational settings and roles over the last sixteen years. These vary from general classroom teaching of Years 3 – 7 to Physical and Science Education Specialist roles. Most recently, her role has been Program Coordinator for the Polly Farmer Foundation, which began in 2008. She has also spent the last three years as PEAC, Regional Area Coordinator for the Pilbara.   She has undertaken various leadership opportunities within these roles to deliver professional development to teachers and mentor new staff. Emily is now fulfilling her passion to guide fellow coordinators as a STEM Consultant. She supports her colleagues to design engaging and enriching educational experiences that challenge and extend students thinking skills and deliver real-world problem-solving opportunities for the 21st century.   Her favourite part of the role is seeing students make real-world connections to their learning. She is grateful to have the opportunity to inspire young minds and help them realise their dreams every single day.


Day 2 @ 10:30

The successful use of STEM and digital technology for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

  • Understanding of the PFF STEM Centre Initiative including evidence based research.
  • Overview of the Program Structure including the PFF 5 Pillars.
  • Video/Photo Presentation of the effective use of STEM and digital technology resources in action.
  • The importance of cultural perspectives including links with family, industry and community partnerships.
  • Examples of successful stories of our PFF students and Alumni.
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