David Clingin | Teacher
Badger Creek Primary School

David Clingin, Teacher, Badger Creek Primary School

David Clingin, a passionate educator with five years of teaching experience, offers a unique perspective into the challenges and opportunities faced by initial teachers. As a Classroom Teacher at Eastwood Primary and Deaf Facility, he understands the importance of fostering and mentoring early-career teachers to ensure their success. Pursuing a Masters in Inclusive Education, David stays updated with the latest strategies for creating accessible and supportive learning spaces. His proficiency in Auslan (Australian Sign Language) ensures all students feel heard and valued. Amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, David's ICT skills were pivotal in coordinating effective remote learning, showcasing adaptability and dedication. His passion lies in fostering inclusive classrooms where every student feels empowered to learn and thrive. David Clingin's dedication to education and commitment to inclusivity make him a speaker who can offer invaluable insights into how we can best foster and mentor early-career teachers for success in their profession. 


Day 2 @ 14:00

Turbocharging teacher capacity

  • Developing confidence and capacity of educators to lead the development of entrepreneurial capabilities within students
  • Moving away from reliance on external service providers and building expertise from within
  • Valuing equally the time to participate in professional learning and the time to implement professional learning
  • Creating and maintain communities of practice
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