David Gill | Leading Teacher
Wheelers Hill Secondary College

David Gill, Leading Teacher, Wheelers Hill Secondary College

David is an innovative educational leader passionate about creating inclusive and engaging learning environments where student and staff voice and agency is at the forefront. With a dynamic approach to educational leadership and a background in Performing Arts, he excels in boosting engagement and wellbeing, essential for empowering the school community. His approach melds inspiration, trust, creativity, and practical innovation with a core emphasis on autonomy, authenticity, and efficiency, vital for nurturing a culture of agency and ownership. David’s personal growth journey, notably informed by his recent ADHD diagnosis, has enriched his practice with a profound understanding of neurodiversity. This insight has been pivotal in guiding him to create spaces where individuals are encouraged to bring their whole selves, fostering environments that are not only transformative and inclusive but also attentively responsive to the diverse needs of every member of the educational community. This awareness underscores the importance of agency in achieving educational success and highlights the role of environments conducive to transformative ideas and inclusive change. Motivated by the potential of technology and inspired by pioneering educators, David challenges conventional educational paradigms to inspire significant advancements. He advocates for a future where the educational journey is dynamic and inclusive, allowing every member of the educational community to fully harness their unique interests, abilities and talents. By championing an environment that embodies collective growth and lasting impact, David envisions contributing to an educational landscape where diversity is celebrated, and every individual can thrive.


Day 2 @ 14:00

Turbocharging teacher capacity

  • Developing confidence and capacity of educators to lead the development of entrepreneurial capabilities within students
  • Moving away from reliance on external service providers and building expertise from within
  • Valuing equally the time to participate in professional learning and the time to implement professional learning
  • Creating and maintain communities of practice
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