Margaret Tracey | Head of Learning Resources
Ravenswood School for Girls

Margaret Tracey, Head of Learning Resources, Ravenswood School for Girls

Head of Learning Resources K-12 at Ravenswood School for Girls, Gordon, NSW. 


Day 2 @ 12:30

Always towards better things: How a culture of wellbeing supports collaboration in and beyond the library

  • provide an overview of the PERMA model for wellbeing and how it has inspired collaboration between the Head of Learning Resources (school library) and ICT department
  • reflect on the positive impacts of collaboration as a method of professional learning
  • highlight research on libraries as wellbeing spaces in schools
  • share our collaborative project(s)
  • provide inspiration by sharing our future ideas and plans to continue our partnership

Geared toward Teacher Librarians but applicable to all teaching and non-teaching tech support roles in schools, this talk will outline how a partnership between the ICT department and the Teacher Librarians began and has continued as a result of the school’s positive education foundation. We will briefly outline our school-wide approach to positive education and wellbeing and how that influenced us, members of both teaching and non-teaching departments, to form a collaborative relationship underpinned by the PERMA model of wellbeing. We will share the process and products of this relationship (ex: a student-centred, self-paced online micro-credential built in our LMS, Schoolbox) as well as plans for future collaboration. We share our experiences with the hope that our unique partnership inspires others to reach across departmental boundaries to form collegial bonds that not only benefit student outcomes but sustain the wellbeing of teaching and non-teaching staff in schools.

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