Matthew Curry | Student Wellbeing Leader
Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School

Matthew Curry, Student Wellbeing Leader, Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School

Throughout my career I've been on a mission to support humans through life's journey, sparking their potential and empowering them to find their own paths. My passion for embedding human connection within educational settings was initiated by my own inspiring teacher, and it's fueled everything I do. Through my work in primary and secondary settings, I've seen firsthand the impact of positive psychology interventions and systemic thinking. My Masters and Honours degrees in these fields have shaped my approach to leadership, where I strive to empower colleagues and champion inclusive communities. But my impact extends beyond the classroom. I'm a trailblazer, working with families and advocating for policies that nurture potential. When I'm not connecting with others, you'll find me recharging in nature, fueled by the thrill of mountain biking and the peace of trail running. I believe that education is about more than just outcomes. It's about igniting purpose, building connections, and creating a world where everyone thrives.


Day 2 @ 10:40

Collective wellbeing in education: The power of 'We' for teachers

last published: 17/Jun/24 07:45 GMT

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