Nici Sweaney | Director
University of Canberra

Nici Sweaney, Director, University of Canberra

Dr. Nici Sweaney, PhD, stands at the forefront of merging artificial intelligence with higher education, advocating for AI to enhance teaching and learning environments. With a foundation in environmental science, almost two decades in higher education and a decade consulting for organisations like the UN, World Bank, and AUS Aid, she launched Ai Her Way in 2023. Ai Her Way is an AI consultancy and EdTech leader, champions the fusion of artificial intelligence and human collaboration as a force for societal innovation and solutions to pressing challenges. Their mission focuses on promoting efficiency, inclusivity, and innovation within education and business through ethical AI practices, underpinned by a strong belief in equity and diversity. Nici now provides strategic consulting, professional development, and EdTech solutions aimed at enhancing the Australian educational sector. Through her work with Ai Her Way, she is committed to making AI an empowering tool for all, ensuring diverse voices contribute to AI's development and application. Nici's work has significantly influenced how education institutes have adopted AI, driving institutions towards meaningful and human-centric adoption. In just the past six months, she has delivered workshops and training programs to over a thousand individuals on ethical AI use and spoken at 36 events worldwide, discussing AI's role in various sectors and innovative applications to teaching and learning.   


Day 1 @ 15:45

Leveraging AI to enhance equity & access for students in higher education

  • Introduction to AI's Role in Education: Explore the potential of artificial intelligence to democratise educational access, particularly for equity students highlighted as a priority in the Accord.
  • Case Study Highlight: Sharing a practical example where AI has helped to significantly improve students experience.
  • Strategies for Implementation: Outline effective strategies for universities to implement AI tools that specifically aim to support disadvantaged groups, as well as challenges to AI strategy roll-out.
  • Ethical Considerations: the importance of ethical AI use, focusing on bias mitigation and ensuring AI solutions are culturally sensitive and inclusive.
  • Future Directions: Exploring the future of AI in education, with a vision for creating more equitable and accessible learning environments for all students.
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