Nery Soto | Teaching and Learning Leader
Wheelers Hill Secondary College

Nery Soto, Teaching and Learning Leader, Wheelers Hill Secondary College

As an educational leader, my mission is to inspire both students and faculty to cultivate a lifelong passion for learning. I believe in creating inclusive learning environments that allow students to maximise their potential by nurturing their unique capabilities. My leadership approach focuses on collaboration, continuous improvement, data-driven decision-making, and a positive and inclusive culture. By prioritising these values, I aim to create a dynamic educational environment where students thrive, teachers excel, and the entire school community works together to achieve educational excellence. I am committed to fostering a supportive school environment that values coaching, mentorship, relationship building, and advocacy, ultimately promoting academic success and well-being for all.


Day 1 @ 14:15

Creative convergence: Exploring mathematics through art, drama, and climate impact with technology

In the "Creative Convergence" session, you'll embark on a dynamic journey at the intersection of mathematics, artistic expression, and environmental consciousness. This session is unlike any other, as it uses technology to explore mathematics through the interconnected realms of visual art, performing arts, mathematics, and climate impact. You'll discover how technology can be used to provide opportunities for students to express their creativity and explore mathematical concepts in innovative ways as you're guided through a series of students’ work samples. From mathematical drawings to financial analysis, nutrition, climate impact, and cultural awareness, you'll see how mathematics is truly everywhere. Don't miss this unique and enriching experience that will leave you with a renewed sense of inspiration and creativity.

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