Stephanie Thomas | Mathematics Teacher
Ipswich Girls' Grammar School

Stephanie Thomas, Mathematics Teacher, Ipswich Girls' Grammar School

Stephanie Thomas is an early career mathematics teacher at Ipswich Girls' Grammar School in Queensland. After completing a dual degree at the University of Queensland in Science/Arts, majoring in Physics, Mathematics, and German, Stephanie continued her studies with a Masters of Teaching (Secondary). Her interests lie in building girls' confidence and competence in the mathematics classroom, by encouraging mistake-making and celebrating learning. Stephanie received the 2023 Education Rising Star of the Year Award at the Australian Education Awards for her work with emphasizing higher order thinking and metacognitive strategies in her teaching.


Day 1 @ 13:45

Utilising 'playful' methods to reinforce learning and build more confident mathematicians

An anecdotal account of Stephanie’s use of wrap‐around whiteboards in Year 11 & 12 Specialist Mathematics, where students were able to work collaboratively and elucidate their thought processes throughout lessons. Stephanie will share her experience of moving away from traditional methods and giving more space to student voice, exploring the challenges faced as well as the benefits encountered along the way.

last published: 24/Jun/24 08:25 GMT

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