Marc French | Worlds - Technical Leader
Marble Bar Primary School

Marc French, Worlds - Technical Leader, Marble Bar Primary School

Marc French serves as the Operations Manager at Airborne IT, a pioneering organization known for its innovative approach to bridging the digital divide in Western Australia's most remote communities with their Multi skilled Pilots\IT Skills. With a vision deeply rooted in enhancing access to essential services, technology, and innovation, Marc and his team are at the forefront of integrating advanced technological solutions in education. Key Achievements:

  1. Establishment of Airborne IT (2020): Under his guidance, Airborne IT was established in partnership with Michael Tappenden of Frontline Technology Services, marking the beginning of a transformative journey in remote digital access through Aviation.
  2. Virtual Reality in Education: Marc French led the groundbreaking introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) across remote schools namely Marble Bar Primary School. This initiative not only revolutionized the learning experience for students but also bridged the educational gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. The VR program received national and international acclaim, winning a gold medal at the 2022 Australia Pacific ICT Awards in competition with 19 of the Asia Pacifics best
  3. In 2023, Airborne IT, led by Marc French and his team of pilots and IT staff, was awarded the Connected State Digital Inclusion Award at the Incite Awards. This prestigious award, presented by WAITTA (Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Alliance), acknowledges organizations that have made substantial contributions to expanding digital access and usage across Western Australia. This award highlights Airborne IT's efforts in bridging the digital divide, further emphasizing the company's commitment to enhancing digital inclusivity and accessibility, particularly in remote and underserved communities​.
Marc French's vision extends beyond technology implementation. He is committed to creating inclusive, engaging, and effective learning environments, especially for students in remote areas. His work with Airborne IT has seen the company travel over 20,000 kilometers across WA regions, delivering essential business, education, and community support.


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