Eleni Kyritsis | Deputy Head of Junior School
Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School

Eleni Kyritsis, Deputy Head of Junior School, Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School

Eleni Kyritsis is the Deputy Head of Junior School at Strathcona Girls' Grammar. She is an award-winning teacher with a passion for sharing her creative lesson ideas to enhance teaching and learning around the world. Eleni has been recognised for her outstanding contribution and support of the education community by being awarded the 2017 ACCE Australian Educator of the Year and the 2016 DLTV Victorian Educator of the Year. Eleni has been honoured by the opportunity to facilitate keynote presentations and professional learning workshops across the globe.


Day 1 @ 14:45

All aboard the Tinker Train: Sustainability, visible thinking & inquiry in action

Explore innovative ways in which STEAM is seamlessly integrated throughout the curriculum in this session.

Eleni will present her school's acclaimed Inquiry framework, "Strathcona's Tinker Train," showcasing how it incorporates STEAM, visible thinking, and design thinking. Witness the strategic use of technology at every stage, from the initial acquisition of new knowledge to the culmination in final assessments and showcases. Gain insights into the comprehensive process that empowers students in their learning journey, allowing them to showcase acquired knowledge while honing a diverse set of skills. 

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