Elisabeth Porreca-Dubois | Teacher Librarian
Newcastle High School

Elisabeth Porreca-Dubois, Teacher Librarian, Newcastle High School

Elisabeth Porreca-Dubois is the teacher librarian at Newcastle High School. Over the past 18.5 years Elisabeth has been dedicated towards diversifying her teaching craft through her experience as a teacher in the NSW Education System and in California (where she worked as a Curriculum Development Coordinator). Since obtaining her Master’s in Education (Teacher Librarianship), Elisabeth has been working collaboratively to successfully make the school library a hub of learning. 


Day 2 @ 13:30

A SMART-ER Reading Program: Developing a high-impact high school reading program that nurtures student voice and choice

This session will outline the critical role that teacher librarians play in leading collaborative, whole school, high impact reading programs that support and nurture lifelong reading.

This session will:

  • provide an overview of the SMART-ER Reading Program—a program informed by research, contemporary literature and student feedback.
  • discuss advantages of implementation (whole-school model VS faculty-based model) 
  • outline practical strategies that teachers and teacher librarians can use to support and celebrate student achievement of personalised reading goals.
  • provide examples of contemporary reading response teaching and learning strategies.
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