Kieran Nolan | STEM Wizard
Boneo Primary School

Kieran Nolan, STEM Wizard, Boneo Primary School

I'm Kieran Nolan, and I'm passionate about innovation, disruption, and lifelong learning. You can find me at, or you can reach out to me via Nostr: npub1cyla8qgt9gv8y6ydv8s2prt89h8afc0sr2kaz64ryjmlpdrzxm4qwlh53q. I'm actively involved in various educational and technological initiatives, including serving as the Learning Programs Director for the Digital Playhouse Foundation, where I'm dedicated to digital literacy projects such as I also run a community program on the Mornington Peninsula and host the #getoffzero podcast, which documents Bitcoin learning journeys. Notably, I've been teaching Bitcoin in schools since 2013, contributing to a transformative education approach. My career has been marked by this commitment to innovative teaching methods, from my time as an Educational Technologist at Wooranna Park Primary School, where I pioneered Victoria's first CoderDojo and Australia's first Immersive Education Club, to my role as "STEM Wizard'' at Boneo Primary School. I've had the privilege of speaking at prestigious conferences worldwide and have been recognized in the education field, earning a place on the educator hotlist in both 2019 and 2020. My journey in education and technology has been featured in media outlets such as The George Lucas Foundation,, The Age, and Australian Teacher Magazine, and I'm dedicated to pushing the boundaries of learning and technology.


Day 2 @ 12:00

Hackerspace classroom

  • Hacking your classroom and building a smart classroom (IOT)
  • Utilising Github, Blockchain, the Nostr Protocol and the Lightning Network in the classroom
  • Minecraft as an LMS and building virtual learning spaces for VR
  • CyberSecurity and Network Engineering
  • Building an arcade machine and building your own games for the classroom
last published: 21/Apr/24 11:05 GMT

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