Lara Mossman | Senior Lecturer - Centre for Wellbeing Science
Faculty of Education, University of Melbourne

Lara Mossman, Senior Lecturer - Centre for Wellbeing Science, Faculty of Education, University of Melbourne

Lara Mossman (BSc, MA, MAPP, PhD) is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Wellbeing Science. Her research focuses on how sports coaches and teachers can facilitate enabling environments that support young people's wellbeing and autonomous motivation. Her work draws on self-determination theory, achievement goal theory, and positive psychology coaching. Through her research, Lara developed Growth-Focused Sports Coaching (G-FSC), a fully online training program for youth coaches. In addition, Lara has published a meta-analysis on autonomy support in sport and a systematic review on interventions to support basic psychological needs. Lara has developed wellbeing science subjects for several universities and content for commercial projects. She also holds a BSc in Philosophy with Computing, an MA in Philosophy with Historical Studies, and a Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP).


Day 2 @ 09:30

Navigating wellbeing in learning design: A WILD approach

  • Wellbeing matters in learning design: We can apply the WILD Framework to enable wellbeing in a range of classroom settings
  • Supporting teacher autonomy matters: Integrating wellbeing theories intentionally in our learning design invites us to choose our own adventure
  • Tangible tools matter: Navigating the challenge of integrating wellbeing in learning design in the WILD is easier with flexible tools
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