Cameron Thorn | Director of Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Western Australia (YEA WA)
Curtin University

Cameron Thorn, Director of Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Western Australia (YEA WA), Curtin University

Cameron is the inaugural Director of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Western Australia. With a wealth of experience in leadership positions across both K-12 and tertiary educational settings, Cameron brings a deep-seated passion for the profound impact of education on individuals and communities alike. His dedication to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among young minds aligns seamlessly with his broader mission of driving positive change through education.


Day 2 @ 14:30

Turbocharging teacher capacity

  • Developing confidence and capacity of educators to lead the development of entrepreneurial capabilities within students
  • Moving away from reliance on external service providers and building expertise from within
  • Valuing equally the time to participate in professional learning and the time to implement professional learning
  • Creating and maintain communities of practice
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