Shane Parnell | Director of Technology
Anglican Schools Commission

Shane Parnell, Director of Technology, Anglican Schools Commission

Shane is a passionate educator with over 19 years of experience in the education sector. He has spent the last decade on School executives, and currently serves as the Director of Technology at the Anglican Schools Commission. Prior to his current role, he was the Head of IT and Operations at Peter Carnley Anglican Community School. Throughout his career, Shane has always looked for ways to improve and implement solutions that are forward-thinking. His leadership journey began as a secondary Mathematics teacher and has led him through numerous roles as Head of Pastoral Care and Acting Chief Operating Officer of the Anglican Schools Commission. In his role as Director of Technology, Shane provides leadership, governance and strategic direction to 16 schools across Australia, helping them plan, review, and lead change initiatives to ensure that they remain future-focused. He is a strong and adaptive leader, empowering others to strive for excellence and whilst promoting wellbeing. Shane’s knowledge of School operational, and administrative systems, and how they integrate into the Teaching and Learning environment, allows him to provide a rounded perspective on current issues in education. He enjoys the challenge of finding new and creative solutions to old problems and learns by finding how systems break.


Day 1 @ 12:45

PANEL - Proactive strategies for developing resilience in digital education

Day 2 @ 12:00

Designing a new school in the 21st century

  • Hindsight is a wonderful thing, so to go forward we first looked backwards.
  • What are the benefits of creating a cloud based school.
  • What were the challenges and pitfalls, and how did we overcome them.
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