Nick Morgan | Regional Director ANZ

Nick Morgan, Regional Director ANZ, Toddle

Nick joined the Toddle team after teaching and leading in experiential and residential education programs across China, the NT and VIC. Nick’s most interested in the productivity gains that AI will afford schools and teachers, and the effects that this will have on improving educational outcomes, addressing teacher workflow problems, improving workforce issues, and more.


Day 1 @ 15:15

Empowering Educators: Leveraging Innovations for Classroom Enhancement

  • Uncover the transformative potential of recent advancements in generative AI and technology, paving the way for highly personalised, inclusive and future-oriented educational experiences.
  • Gain insights into how the implementation of an AI strategy can streamline educational processes, optimise resource allocation, and empower educators to have a profound and lasting impact on student success.
  • See how Toddle AI 2.0 is tailored for school leaders to effectively leverage AI, liberating teachers from administrative burdens and allowing them to focus wholeheartedly on their core mission of teaching.
  • Experience firsthand a state-of-the-art communication platform powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Dive deep into the evolution of assessment methods seamlessly woven into everyday classroom routines.
last published: 24/May/24 07:25 GMT

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