Andrew Downie | Teacher - Librarian
Fairfield High School

Andrew Downie, Teacher  - Librarian, Fairfield High School

Andrew Downie is a Baby Boomer. Born 1954. 1 of 8 children, no 4, right in the middle which presented it’s unique set of challenges growing up. My mother, was a full time mum. My father was a Dermatologist. He gave all 8 children a passionate belief in the pursuit of excellence in terms of everything that you do and a strong belief in Life Long learning. My parents moved home every few years and thus I attended 5 different Catholic schools in my life from Wagga, to Canberra to Sydney. From 1974 to 1977 I did my undergraduate degree at Macquarie University majoring in Modern American and Modern European History. As part of my B.A. Dip ED. I did Library method. In 1978, I took up my first fulltime position as a Teacher – Librarian at Christian Brothers College Manly. Now St Paul’s High school Manly.  In 1981, I took 9 months off to complete my professional Library qualifications at the former Kuring-gaI College of Advanced Education. I returned to St Paul’s in 1982 and left in May 1984, to take up a position as a Full time Religious Studies teacher at Monte Sant Angelo College. By the end of 1985, I was “burnt out” as a teacher. I left teaching, and using my Library qualifications, over the next few years I worked as a Research Assistant for Federal Senators and as Director of Research at an Employer Organization. In May 1989, my career took a different turn when I worked in private industry as a Sales Representative, both for Educational and non Educational companies selling products directly to both families and the business community.  Many of the lessons I learnt during my sales career I use to this current day, particularly in terms of dealing with people. In July 2005, I returned to teaching, in my current position as Teacher -Librarian at Fairfield High school. I did so, because I felt that I had a lot more to offer than previously, given my work experiences since 1985. Given those experiences I tend to think of Education differently to most people I know and I pride myself, whenever possible, to think outside the square.


Day 2 @ 10:30

Researching in a modern high school library

  • Background to the Library at Fairfield High school. The most multi Cultural school in N.S.W.
  • Why one cannot rely on Google and Social Media sites to do your research.
  • Criteria for evaluating On Line Data Bases.
  • How to make On Line Data bases easily accessible for both your staff and students to access.
  • How to market the use of these On Line Data bases to staff and students to maximize their usuage.
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