Ian Clapham | Teacher - Esports Coordinator
Forest Lake State High School

Ian Clapham, Teacher - Esports Coordinator, Forest Lake State High School

Ian Clapham is a mathematics and business teacher who champions for and facilitates student success and positive mental health throughout a student's learning journey. Ian's work in Queensland Education has allowed him to undertake additional roles: a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) Coach; Student Leadership Coordinator; and in 2023 Ian has transitioned into the role of Esports Coordinator. These roles have provided Ian with opportunities to further impact school culture, support teaching staff and most importantly, enhance student wellbeing and engagement. Ian has always been passionate about positive mental health, and sees esports as an opportunity to improve the wellbeing for students and teachers, through the delivery of fun and engaging curriculum while also giving students the ability to participate and, when possible, succeed in local, national and global esports competitions.


Day 2 @ 10:30

Student engagement with esports

  • The Rise of Esports Among Australian Teenagers
  • Educational Benefits and Student Engagement
  • Mental Health and Well-Being Benefits
  • Future and Career Opportunities in Esports

Ultimately aiming to:

  • acknowledge the rise of esports, its educational benefits, mental health advantages, and career opportunities.
  • unpack the importance of understanding and leveraging esports as a tool for positive student development and engagement.
  • identifying how educators, parents, and the gaming industry can collaborate in embedding the responsible use of esports in education.
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