Adrian Camm | Principal
Westbourne Grammar School

Adrian Camm, Principal, Westbourne Grammar School

Adrian is an educator and speaker who explores the intersection of culture, learning and design.

He is currently Principal and the Managing Director of the Board at Westbourne Grammar School. Previously Adrian has held roles including Associate Principal, Deputy Principal, Director of Teaching & Learning, and Director of a Centre for Learning, Research, and Innovation.

As a vocal advocate of experiential & project-based learning, Adrian has worked with schools and organizations around the world and has had the chance to present his innovation for the future of learning to leading innovators & thinkers in business & industry including Dr. Edward de Bono, Daniel Dennett and one of USA’s top ten entrepreneurs and inventors Raymond Kurzweil. He has engaged his audience in thousands of hands-on workshops and conference presentations that are known for big-picture thinking whilst being practical, relevant & down to earth. Adrian is a strategist and digital transformation expert, holds a Masters of Education (Leadership), a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from Deakin University, and has been recognized with many awards throughout his career.

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