Joel Davis | Primary Library & STEM Teacher
Bishop Druitt College

Joel Davis, Primary Library & STEM Teacher, Bishop Druitt College

Primary school teacher with experience working at K-12 independent schools and abroad. Passionate about the role of technology in education and preparing our primary students for the information world they are growing up in.  I enjoy the challenge of embedding STEM and digtial technologies into the curriculum at scale within the primary setting.  Experienced ICT educator with a broad knowledge of digital technologies and LMS management.


Day 1 @ 14:45

Leveraging technology at scale across the primary school setting

  • Embracing technology for all, not just the early adopters
  • Well-known hardware/software you can use with large cohorts in Primary
  • No more slideshows-creative ways for students to present information
  • Planning and timetabling to embed technology successfully
last published: 19/May/24 23:55 GMT

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