Deborah Abela, Accomplished children's author, Australia

Deborah Abela |  | Accomplished children's author » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Arti Agrawal, Associate Professor, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Nazli Almasirad, National Architectural Manager – Specification and Design, Knauf Plasterboard, Australia

Nathan Amos, Manager ICT, Adelaide Botanic High School, Australia

Aileen Apolo-de Jesus, Senior Program Manager, Google, Philippines

Leighton Archer, Head of Learning Experience, Wavelength, Australia

Leighton Archer | Head of Learning Experience | Wavelength » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Amanda Ashby, Senior Manager - Global Digital Learning, PwC, Australia

Amanda Ashby | Senior Manager - Global Digital Learning | PwC » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Stacey Ashley, Managing Director, Ashley Coaching and Consulting, Australia

Stacey Ashley | Managing Director | Ashley Coaching and Consulting » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Jenny Atkinson, CEO, Littlescribe, Australia

Jenny Atkinson | CEO | Littlescribe » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Edwina Baden-Powell, Head of Production, Clickview, Australia

Edwina Baden-Powell | Head of Production | Clickview » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Hassan Baickdeli, Head of Emerging Technology & Solutions, Lenovo, Australia

Sarah Bardwell, New Business Manager, Turnitin, Australia

Bradley Beach, Director, Federation Training, Australia

Bradley Beach | Director | Federation Training » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Rodney Beach, Managing Director, Liberate eLearning, Australia

Rodney Beach | Managing Director | Liberate eLearning » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Chris Betcher, Adoption Program Manager, Google, Australia

Ravina Bhatia, Learning Design and Delivery Manager, Macquarie Group, Australia

Lauren Black, Program Coordinator, Women In Engineering and IT, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Ali Bounds, Senior Practice Director, Bligh Voller Nield, Australia

Alex Box, Primary Educator, Research & Development, Australia

Alex Box | Primary Educator | Research & Development » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Helen Bremner, Director of ICT, Innovation & Culture Transformation, Australia

Helen Bremner | Director of ICT | Innovation & Culture Transformation » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Chloe Briand, Head of Languages, Methodist Ladies' College, Australia

Chloe Briand | Head of Languages | Methodist Ladies' College » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Jaclyn Broadbent, Associate Head Of School (Teaching And Learning), Deakin University, Australia

Kate Broughton, Head of Delivery – Decipher Bureau and Engagement Manager, Tech Girls Movement Foundation, Australia

Marlene Brueton, Project and Administration Officer, Good Environmental Choice Australia, Australia

Simon Buckingham Shum, Professor of Learning Informatics & Director, Connected Intelligence Centre, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Ryan Burnett, Product Manager, Sphero, Australia

Ryan Burnett | Product Manager | Sphero » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Erin Champion, Sr. Customer Success Manager, Vyond, United States

Erin Champion | Sr. Customer Success Manager | Vyond » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Jorge Chapa, Head of Market Transformation, Green Building Council of Australia, Australia

Jorge Chapa | Head of Market Transformation | Green Building Council of Australia » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Dr Eva Cheng, Deputy Director, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Jeri Childers, Manager, Engagement (Teaching and Learning), Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Paula Clasby, Marketing Manager, Good Environmental Choice Australia, Australia

Emma Clemens, Primary School Innovation Teacher, Emanuel School, Australia

Emma Clemens | Primary School Innovation Teacher | Emanuel School » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Roslyn Colagrossi, Manager Service Development, Qantas, Australia

Roslyn Colagrossi | Manager Service Development | Qantas » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Dr John Collick, Senior Education Consultant, Promethean Ltd, United Kingdom

Dr John Collick | Senior Education Consultant | Promethean Ltd » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Darren Coppin, Chief Executive, Esher House, Australia

Rosalind Croucher Am, President, Australian Human Rights Commission, Australia

Kimberly Cutting, HSIE Teacher, Kiama High School, Australia

Kimberly Cutting | HSIE Teacher | Kiama High School » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Marie Daniels, ANZ Pharmaceuticals Commercial Learning Lead, Bayer, Australia

Bryan Dean, Education consultant, NorvaNivel, Australia

Adam Dehring, Teacher, Vasse Primary school, Australia

Adam Dehring | Teacher | Vasse Primary school » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Jd Dillon, Founder, LearnGeek, United States

Jd Dillon | Founder | LearnGeek » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Tony Dunford, Head of Enterprise Portfolio Curricula, Westpac, Australia

Meridith Ebbs, NSW Project Officer, The University Of Adelaide, Australia

Clare Edwards, Principal, BrainSmart Consulting, Australia

Clare Edwards | Principal | BrainSmart Consulting » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Cath Ellis, Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Education), University of New South Wales, Australia

Robyn Essex, Director and Principal Consultant, Rialto Consulting, Australia

Robyn Essex | Director and Principal Consultant | Rialto Consulting » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Sharon Ferrier, Director, Persuasive Presentations, Australia

Andrew Ford, National Education Sector Manager, Forbo Floorcoverings Pty Limited, Australia

Beata Francis, Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Design in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Barney Glover, Vice Chancellor, Western Sydney University, Australia

Barney Glover | Vice Chancellor | Western Sydney University » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Lucas Grace, National Product Manager, Knauf Plasterboard, Australia

Lael Grant, Robotics Co-Ordinator, Barker College, Australia

Lael Grant | Robotics Co-Ordinator | Barker College » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Christopher Hales, Enterprise Systems Administrator, John Paul College, Australia

Beth Hall, Head of Learning Design, Cotton On Group, Australia

Beth Hall | Head of Learning Design | Cotton On Group » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Mike Hennessy, Chief Research & Insights Officer, PeopleBench, Australia

Mike Hennessy | Chief Research & Insights Officer | PeopleBench » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Brendan Hill, Manager, Learning Governance, Ausgrid, Australia

Pip Hoermann, Learning Coach - Innovation, St Andrew's Cathedral School, Australia

Emily Hui, Technical Trainer, Amazon Web Services, Australia

Emily Hui | Technical Trainer | Amazon Web Services » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Josh Humphries, CEO and Founder, Guroo Producer, Australia

Josh Humphries | CEO and Founder | Guroo Producer » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Fleur Johnston, CEO, PeopleBench, Australia

Fleur Johnston | CEO | PeopleBench » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Justin Jones, Commodore Training, Royal Australian Navy - Training Force, Australia

Michael Kasumovic, Associate Professor, University of New South Wales, Australia

Michael Kasumovic | Associate Professor | University of New South Wales » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Anna Keavney, Client Services Manager, Elemental Projects, Australia

Anna Keavney | Client Services Manager | Elemental Projects » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Andreea Kindryd, TED speaker, storyteller, Australia

Andreea Kindryd |  | TED speaker, storyteller » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Tim Kitchen, Senior Education Specialist (Apac), Adobe, Australia

Tim Kitchen | Senior Education Specialist (Apac) | Adobe » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Shailesh Koirala, Digital Engineering Manager and Senior Technical Services Engineer, Knauf Plasterboard, Australia

Jason Laufer, Senior Director, Talent & Learning Solutions ANZ, LinkedIn, Australia

Jason Laufer | Senior Director, Talent & Learning Solutions ANZ | LinkedIn » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Natalie Lloyd, Academic Director, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Bill Loller, VP of Product Management, Turnitin, United States

Jeremy Macdonald, Edu Content, Sphero, Australia

Jeremy Macdonald | Edu Content | Sphero » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Claire Madden, Social Researcher, Hello Clarity, Australia

Louise Mahler, Executive Team Mentor, Louise Mahler, Australia

Peter Manoukian, Microsoft Education Solution Specialist, Microsoft, Australia

Peter Manoukian | Microsoft Education Solution Specialist | Microsoft » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Simon Mansfield, Deputy Principal, Vasse Primary school, Australia

Simon Mansfield | Deputy Principal | Vasse Primary school » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Maya Marcus, Education Lead, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Vanessa Marsh, Team Leader, Operations, Chisholm Institute of Tafe, Australia

Martha McKeen, Senior Manager, Cyber Outreach, Commonwealth Bank, Australia

Karen Moloney, Director Learning, Learning Experts, Australia

Shawna Murray, Organisational Development and Learning Manager, Coal Services, Australia

Kieran Nolan, Educational Technologist, Wooranna Park Primary School, Australia

Michelle Ockers, L&D Strategist,, Australia

Michelle Ockers | L&D Strategist | » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Danielle Owen Whitford, Pioneera, Australia

Danielle Owen Whitford |  | Pioneera » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Ron Park, Chief Technology Officer & SVP Engineering and Operations, Turnitin, United States

Debra Parker, Workforce Development Manager, Women's Health Victoria, Australia

Debra Parker | Workforce Development Manager | Women's Health Victoria » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Geoff Peate, Learning and Development Specialist, Minara Resources Ltd, Australia

Kerry Penton, Relieving Chief Delivery Officer, TAFE NSW, Australia

Owen Pierce, Program Director, National Workforce Development, AustCyber, Australia

Lynette Pinder, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Institute of Training and Development, Australia

Lynette Pinder | Chief Executive Officer | Australian Institute of Training and Development » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Arun Pradhan, Founder,, Australia

Arun Pradhan | Founder | » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Karina Price, The University of Western Australia, Australia

Jordana Read, Director, Read Strategy, Australia

Jordana Read | Director | Read Strategy » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Sharon Reiss-Stone, Principal, Mount Waverley Heights Primary School, Australia

Sharon Reiss-Stone | Principal | Mount Waverley Heights Primary School » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Jason Renshaw, Leadership, Learning & Innovation Executive, Australian Unity Health, Australia

Jason Renshaw | Leadership, Learning & Innovation Executive | Australian Unity Health » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Tracy Richardson, Principal Consultant and Director, Saffire Solutions, Australia

Tracy Richardson | Principal Consultant and Director | Saffire Solutions » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Sir Ken Robinson, Author, Finding Your Element, World's elite thinker on creativity and innovation, United States

Kathleen Rolfe, Executive Manager, Learning and Development, People and Culture, Quantium, Australia

Kathleen Rolfe | Executive Manager, Learning and Development, People and Culture | Quantium » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Chemène Sinson, Consultant - Adult Education, Learning & Performance, Blackwater Projects, Australia

Daniel Smith, Director, Leaf Architecture, Australia

Chris Smith, Head of Strategy, JobReady, Australia

David Sweeney, Director - Leadership Development, Health Education and Training Institute (HETI), Australia

David Sweeney | Director - Leadership Development | Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) » speaking at EduTECH Australia

David Tonge, Executive Director, School Infrastructure NSW, Australia

Toby Trewin, Director, Hale Institute of Innovation and Research, Australia

Philip Tutty, Head Of Apac, Litmos, Australia

Mark Verbloot, Director Of Systems Engineering, Aruba, Australia

Mark Verbloot | Director Of Systems Engineering | Aruba » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Troy Waller, Learning Delivery & Accessibility Specialist, Microsoft, Australia

Vicki Waters, Principal, Pymble Ladies College, Australia

Vicki Waters | Principal | Pymble Ladies College » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Emma Weber, CEO and Founder, Lever - Transfer of Learning, Australia

Rob Wells, Director, KMSI, Australia

Nicole White, Founder And Creative Learning Designer, The ID Crowd, Australia

Rachael Williams, Manager, Education & Government, HP, Australia

Rachael Williams | Manager, Education & Government | HP » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Daniel Yong, Parramatta Public School, Australia

Daniel Yong |  | Parramatta Public School » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Richard Harris, Australian Hero Involved In The Thai Cave Dive Rescue, Anaesthetist, Australian Of The Year 2019, Dr Richard Harris, Australia

Carolyn Taylor, Executive Chairman, Walking the Talk, Australia

Pasi Sahlberg, Professor of Education Policy, Gonski Institute for Education, University of New South Wales, Australia

Prof. Marcia Devlin, Deputy Vice Chancellor And Senior Vice President, Victoria University, Australia

Hon Adrian Piccoli, Director, Gonski Institute, Australia

Dr Jennifer Buckingham, Director of Strategy and Senior Research Fellow, MultiLit, Australia

Rebecca West, Assistant Principal, Bonnyrigg Public School, Australia

Prof. Chris Rogers, Professor And Chair, Department Of Mechanical Engineering, tufts university, United States

Charles Jennings, Leading Thinker On Workplace Learning And Author, 70:20:10 Institute, United Kingdom

Claire Amos, Principal, Albany Senior High School, New Zealand

Claire Amos | Principal | Albany Senior High School » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Adam Spencer, Author, Comedian, Maths Geek, Author, Comedian, Maths Geek, Australia

Adam Spencer | Author, Comedian, Maths Geek | Author, Comedian, Maths Geek » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Jocelyn Brewer, Teacher And Psychologist, Creator Of Digital Nutrition, Cyberpsychology Researcher (Joceyln Brewer), Australia

Dan Haesler, Educator And Writer, Cut Through Coaching & Consulting, Australia

Dan Haesler | Educator And Writer | Cut Through Coaching & Consulting » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Dr. Miriam Tanti, Head Of School, Education, Australian Catholic University, Australia

Natasha Abraham, National President, Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations, Australia

Nicole Barnes, Ict Learning Specialist, Knox Gardens Primary School, Australia

Mitra Bhar, Chief Information Officer, NSW Education Standards Authority, Australia

Tracey Breese, Principal, Kurri Kurri High School, Australia

Tracey Breese | Principal | Kurri Kurri High School » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Terry Byers, Director Of Innovation And Learning, And Director Of The Centenary Library, Anglican Church Grammar School Churchie, Australia

Terry Byers | Director Of Innovation And Learning, And Director Of The Centenary Library | Anglican Church Grammar School Churchie » speaking at EduTECH Australia

NSW Department of Education, NSW Department of Education, Australia

NSW Department of Education |  | NSW Department of Education » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Matthew Greene, Head Of Education, Paynter Dixon Constructions Pty Limited, Australia

Matthew Greene | Head Of Education | Paynter Dixon Constructions Pty Limited » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Kathryn Holmes, Senior Research Fellow, Western Sydney University, Australia

Kathryn Holmes | Senior Research Fellow | Western Sydney University » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Brian Host, Ict Integrator, Learning Coach And Classroom Teacher, Inaburra School, Australia

Gerard Houlihan, Deputy Head Of The School, St Michael's Grammar School (Gerard Houlihan), Australia

Wesley Imms, Director Of Learning Environments Applied Research Network, University of Melbourne, Australia

Peter Lippman, Founder, Places Created for Learning, Australia

Peter Lippman | Founder | Places Created for Learning » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Dallas McInerney, Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Schools NSW, Australia

Dallas McInerney | Chief Executive Officer | Catholic Schools NSW » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Prakash Nair, Founding President And Chief Executive Officer, Fielding Nair International, United States

Sebastian Pfautsch, Senior Research Fellow, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Nicholas Ridis, Director, Australian Marketing Institute, Australia

Anthony Salcito, Vice President, Microsoft, United States

Michael Saxon, Principal, Liverpool Boys High School, Australia

Claire Seldon, Learning Design, NSW Department of Education, Australia

Dennis Severin, Electronic Engineer (Retired), Victoria University, Australia

Adam Shoemaker, Vice Chancellor, Southern Cross University, Australia

Coming Soon, SINSW, Australia

Coming Soon |  | SINSW » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Darrall Thompson, Associate Head Of Schoolteaching And Learning) And Learning Futures Fellow, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Gary White, Chief Planner, Department of Planning, Australia

Gary White | Chief Planner | Department of Planning » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Dr Timothy Wright, Headmaster, SHORE - Sydney Church of England Preparatory School, Australia

Roni Zimmer-Doctory, Senior Design Consultant, Fielding Nair International, Israel

Roni Zimmer-Doctory | Senior Design Consultant | Fielding Nair International » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Michael Barton, Deputy Principal - Business Development, Djarragun College, Australia

Peita Bates, Teacher And Digi-Tech Ambassador, Maryborough State High School, Australia

Juliette Bentley, Technology Implementation Mentor For Colleagues And Secondary Teacher, Mt St Michael's College, Australia

Mark Burgess, Deputy Principal, Lindfield Learning Village, Australia

Renee Costa, Manager- Social Care And Community Sector Management Programs, R.M.I.T. University, Australia

Lou Deibe, Deputy Principal, Lindfield Learning Village, Australia

Matt Farmer, Nsip Program Lead, Products And Market Engagement, National Schools Interoperability Program, Australia

Manisha Gazula, Principal, Marsden Road Public School, Australia

Manisha Gazula | Principal | Marsden Road Public School » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Cathy Hunt, Creative Educator, ​McAuley College, Australia

Michelle Michael, Principal Education Officer NSW DoE Stemshare Community, Information Technology Directorate, Australia

Michelle Michael | Principal Education Officer NSW DoE Stemshare Community | Information Technology Directorate » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Iris Nastasi, Assistant Director: Teaching and Learning, Sydney Catholic Schools, Australia

School Infrastructure Nsw, School Infrastructure NSW, Australia

Sascha Ogilvy, Head Teacher Eal/D, Fairfield High School, Australia

Jan Owen, Chief Executive Officer, The Foundation For Young Australians, Australia

Jan Owen | Chief Executive Officer | The Foundation For Young Australians » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Robert Petherbridge, Executive Director, Tafe Queensland, Australia

Daniel Pinchas, General Manager – Teaching and School Leadership, Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, Australia

Sophie Poisel, Innovation Leader, Emanuel School, Australia

Michael Roberts, Principal, Arcadia College / The Spot Academy, Australia

Alex Terry, Ict Manager, Trinity College, Australia

Tom Worthington, Honorary Senior Lecturer, The Australian National University, Australia

Rachel Abel, Leadership Specialist, Community Builder (Head Of Making Friends), General Manager To The Dvc Academic At Unsw Sydney, University of New South Wales, Australia

Prof Ian Jacobs, President And Vice-Chancellor, University of New South Wales, Australia

Craig Kemp, Head Of Educational Technology (K-12), Stamford American International School, Singapore

Greg Port, Head Of Ict Integration, All Saints College, Australia

Jane Hunter, Senior Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Michael Valentine, Director Of Distance Learning, Hale School, Australia

John Stewart, Principal, Living School, Australia

Amanda Hogan, Computing Education Specialist, Australian Computing Academy, Australia

Elissa Mckenzie, Manager, Vocational Education Design, R.M.I.T. University, Australia

Tim Perkins, Senior Associate, Cut Through Coaching & Consulting, Australia

Tim Perkins | Senior Associate | Cut Through Coaching & Consulting » speaking at EduTECH Australia